Does Verizon Own visible? (2023)


Verizon is an American wireless network operator formerly working at Verizon Communications. It has been operating under the telecommunication industry genre. It is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. A lot of people were thinking about the subsidiary of Verizon. Does it own Visible? Here we have explored some facts.

Does Verizon own Visible?

Yes, Visible has been operating as a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. Visible is operated on Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks. It also shares Verizon towers. Verizon is the parent company of Visible. On May 10, 2018, Verizon launched Visible. This launch was sudden as it had not announced that it intended to launch another network. Moreover, it could be used by customers by registering on the web.

Who owns Visible?

In May 2018, the former executive of Verizon, Miguel Quiroga, launched Visible. He stated that Visible is the prepaid mobile network. Moreover, Verizon is another mobile network operator. It has been operating in the telecommunication industry. This operator was previously working at Verizon Wireless. Later it split itself into Verizon Consumer and Verizon Business. More than 142.8 million subscribers uplift the operator making it America’s largest wireless network.

Verizon Ownership

Vodafone and Verizon Telecommunication founded Verizon. It resulted in the joint venture of these companies. In 2002, a telecommunication firm called Bell Atlantic and British multinational companies founded this operator. Vodafone had a 45% stake in the company, which Verizon bought in 2014. After this acquisition, Verizon Communications became the sole owner of Verizon. As Verizon funds the Visible, its ownership also goes to Verizon Communications.

Visible- a network operator company;

Visible is an all-digital wireless carrier headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States. Its products are wireless mobile phones. It has been operating in the United States since it was also launched by Verizon Communications in America. Visible provides both 4G LTE and 5G networks. You can enjoy unlimited text, calls, data, and hotspots. In 2018, its parent company, Verizon, founded and funded Visible. You can enjoy this network whether you are using Apple or Android devices. Moreover, the fewer prices make it attention-grabbing.

The downside of Visible Network

There is still a downside for the operator as well. Verizon subscribers are given faster connections as compared to Visible users. Visible service will be deprioritized. 

Visible- the Innovative network;

Despite this downside, this service is included in the Most Innovative Company’s list. This list was published by Fast Company in 2020. According to Adweek, it is the best telecom brand as of 2021.

Verizon Versus Visible 

Although Verizon owns Visible, both share the same network and towers. More or less, they have the same coverage, yet there is a particular distinction among both these operators. 

Some characteristics of Verizon include

  • Verizon has excellent coverage for 4G but less scope for the 5G network.
  • It gives cheap limited data but expensive unlimited plans 
  • You can communicate during international travel through this network.

Some characteristics of Visible include 

  • It is a straightforward plan.
  • Unlimited party plans with cheap costs. 
  • But at the same time, they have access to only one program, 
  • Users will be unable to customize any plan
  • Users are deprioritized over Verison users.

Cell Phone Plans 


  • The monthly price may increase or drop according to your party payment plan. 
  • You can also call Canada or Mexico.
  • On the other hand, a varied selection is offed by Verizon. It has customized these plans for elders and kids. 
  • Even programs are offered for connected devices. For entertainment like Hulu or Disney+, it may rank high above Visible.


  • The introductory rate for Visible is reasonable, $25 for those who need one line but $40 for regular per month.
  • People inclined to price plans more than other mobile phone operators or want discounts and perks may buy the Visible plan. 
  • The downside is that Visible users will be deprioritized during heavy data usage.

Cheapest Cell Phone Plans


  • Verizon’s most affordable plan comes from a 500MB plan. 
  • It is a postpaid plan having $30 per month. 
  • Those users who use little data throughout the month may subscribe to it. 
  • You can also create a family plan through Verizon. 
  • Before making a specific plan, you should determine what amount of data you usually use. 


  • Customers can get up to a $200 gift card as a discount while signing up for the Visible service. 
  • For a single line, you will have to pay $25. 
  • For two lines, the price will be $35 per line, and for three lines, it will be $30 per month for a single line. 


Almost 99% of the US population is covered by Verizon. It means you can use this network in most US areas. Verizon has a higher-speed network. It always prioritizes its user. There is one reason behind this fact. Verizon users pay much higher than others, so they are automatically prioritized. Visible; On the other hand, when talking about Visible, its users get excellent coverage in most areas. The speed is also good. But when the network in the area is congested, they will face speed issues. They will be deprioritized over Verizon users. So it would be best if you kept this fact in mind. 


Verizon owned Visible in May 2018. It has been funding the company since its foundation. There are specific pros and cons of both Verizon and Visible.


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