Does Walgreens Accept EBT? (2023)


Walgreens is famous not only for being the second largest pharmacy in the US, but you can also find plenty of other needs of the day. You can visit its store to make purchases for multiple items. In the case of having a single shopping trip, you can buy all the things you want. There must come a question about the payment method it accepts. Being a large retailer, we expect some convenience in paying for the inventory purchased at Walgreens.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT?

Yes. Walgreens accepts EBT to some extent. It accepts EBT in some stores. Only some authorized items can be sold out with EBT. So Walgreens does receive EBT, but the endorsement is somewhat restricted. In some states, this payment method is limited to Walgreens. In some stores, EBT purchases are also bound to some products.

EBT is one of the payment methods accepted at Walgreens. EBT card work is similar to other credit and debit card work. EBT payment method is utilized at some of the stores. 

How can I find that Walgreens near me accept EBT?

With the knowledge of the fact that only some Walgreens stores accept EBT as a payment method. This may cause glitches if you come to shop at this store and when they inform you that they do not acknowledge EBT as a payment method. There might be a case that the purchase you want to make disqualifies you from the list, which can be bought by the EBT payment method.

So to avert these setbacks, visit the Walgreens website. Here you can see an option for Find a Store. You will have to enter the necessary information like your city name and zip code of the city. The location and the address of Walgreens will be shown on the screen. You can consult them about whether they accept EBT or not. You can also call the Walgreens given number to inquire about their acceptance of the EBT payment method.

What items are eligible to be purchased with an EBT card?

More than health facilities are provided at the store. You may need to buy many products at Walgreens. Before you head towards the store, you must know one thing: only some of the store products are qualified to be purchased with this payment method, i.e., EBT payment method. These are known as SNAP-eligible items or products at the store. Only these products can be bought with an EBT card.

  • Fresh food such as fruit and vegetables.
  • Fresh meat, including chicken, lamb, etc.
  • Fish
  • Bread
  • Cereal
  • Chips
  • Dairy products
  • Desert
  • Soft drinks
  • Energy drinks (red bull, monster, etc.)

What are those items that are SNAP-ineligible items?

 You can consult for items that disqualify those that can be bought with an EBT card. Yet this list is provided here that can’t be purchased with an EBT card.

  • Tobacco products
  • Medicines, although it is well known for pharmacy and ranks in the top second position being the largest pharmacy in the US.
  • Alcoholic beverages like wine and liquor
  • Hot food
  • Supplementary items, vitamins
  • All other items that are not included in the food category, like cosmetics and clothing

How can I use my EBT card at Walgreens?

EBT cards function as other credit cards or debit cards do. You can check out similar to the EBT card as you check out with other payment cards.

But a minor inconvenience may occur when it comes to its specification for specific items.

  • Scanning should be done for items that qualify for the EBT payment method.
  • Those items that were eligible to be paid for by EBT cars are separated.
  • If you have picked another item, it will be separated. You must pay with another payment method like a credit card, debit card, Walgreens gift card, or apple pay.
  • For EBT-qualifying items, enter your card into the reader. 
  • A personal identification number will be entered to confirm the transaction.
  • You will be provided with a receipt of the total transaction.

What payment methods are accepted at Walgreens?

Other than EBT payment methods, you can employ these methods to check out.

Visa card

Discover credit card

Master card

American Express etc.


Walgreens does accept the EBT payment method to some extent. You are not authorized to use it at all stores or to purchase all products. Those products that are SNAP-eligible items can be purchased with the EBT payment method. In case of a low balance, you can also use other payment methods.


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