Does Walgreens have a Fax Machine? (2023)


Walgreens is a famous US pharmacy with many other services to attract customers. You may find an appointment with health experts, take a print of your memorable photo or take medicine on the counter. Does Walgreens offer a fax machine for public use? Let’s get the answer by reading this article.

Does Walgreens have a fax machine?

No. Walgreens does not have a fax machine for public use. You can visit the store for other purposes, but sending it through Walgreens is impossible. It does not offer this service to the public. 

Despite that, the internet and related tools have revolutionized the sending and receiving of data and information. Still, at the same time, there remains a need for a fax machine to send official documentation through fax. If Walgreens was a nearby store but didn’t get a fax service there, you must look for alternatives.

What services does Walgreens offer?

If you cannot fax your documents, you can get other services at Walgreens.

  • Walgreens has a photo center. It offers services like printing photos and getting passport-size photos. You can order mugs.
  • Health professionals are available in Walgreens health care. You can set an appointment for your examination.
  • Walgreens act as Western Union. It offers services like sending and receiving money. You can pay bills at this union.
  • Fill out your prescription and get prescribed medication at the Walgreens pharmacy counter.

What are alternatives for fax service other than Walgreens?

You can visit the required service center or visit their web page online. 

Instore Fax Service 

These are some alternatives to Walgreens where you can get fax service.

  • Shipping Stores
  • AAA Club
  • Hy-Vee
  • Pilot Flying J
  • Postal Annex
  • Office Max
  • Staples
  • Hotel
  • Travel Agent’s Offices etc

You can also visit a bank or a credit union. Although they don’t have a public fax machine yet, you can ask them to do you a favor by sending these faxes in an emergency.

Online Fax Service;

You can also use online fax services that are easy to use. All you have to do is upload the page that must be sent. You will have to enter the receipt fax number. Documents will be sent to the beneficiary.

Some online fax services are mentioned here.

  • Metro Fax
  • MyFax
  • Fax Zero 
  • Dingtone Fax app and many others.

How to use an online fax service?

Taking an online fax service is very beneficial. You can fax any documents without wandering from store to store. It will save you time as well. You would not have to deal with piles of papers in the store. All you can do is follow these steps.

  • Download any fax service app.
  • You can download the Dingtone Fax app or those mentioned above online.
  • Create your account first.
  • Manage that file which has to be sent either electronically or as paper.
  • On the right side, there will be a blank. Enter the receipt fax number.
  • Scan your file.
  • After it has been scanned, upload it.
  • You can also add a cover to it.
  • Preview your documents.
  • Hit the send option.

Your documents will be faxed to the receipt.

How much do I have to pay for a Fax service?

Everyone doesn’t need to keep a fax machine at their house. Whenever they need to send any documents, they take the services of any store. Even employees are not able to take them where they go. When they are on a business trip or outside the office, they also use the store’s or online services to fax.

The cost of the fact service depends on three main factors.

  • Number of pages that are being sent,
  • The distance which will be covered
  • Fax cost also depends on the service provider. They may charge you more or less according to their policy.
  • Typically, You have to pay between $1 to $2 for 1 page and a local fax.
  • You must pay between $2 to $4 for faxes sent outside the local area. One page will be faxed.
  • International faxing will be done for a cost between $4 to $6 for 1 page.


Walgreens does not have a fax machine. Yet you can get other services from Walgreens. Other alternatives have been mentioned in the article to let you help in an emergency by sending faxes at appropriate times.


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