Does Walgreens have an ATM and other Banking Services? (2023)


Walgreens is one of the largest pharmacies in the United States. It has been operating as a warehouse. You can go there to get many services. Anyone can visit the store to purchase medicine, an examination by a health care professional, and many others. It also provides other household goods. To meet the expenses, it has installed ATMs in the stores. Customers can use the ATM to get cash in hand to pay for the purchase if they haven’t a balance on their credit or debit cards.

Does Walgreens have ATMs and other banking services?

Yes, Walgreens have ATMs installed in the stores. It has been operating more than 9000 stores in different nations. ATMs are installed in more than 7000 stores

Walgreens has employed the Allpoint network to install these machines for banking services. In more than 7000 stores, these Allpoint ATMs are installed.

Allpoint is a prominent service provider. It has operated over 55000 ATMs in different countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Mexico. Customers can get easy access to cash while remaining on the store premises.

US bank has operated almost 333 ATMs around Walgreens in Nevada and California to help customers to get handy cash.

What are banking services along with ATMs at Walgreens?

The customers can withdraw cash. They are also allowed to transfer funds. Balance Inquiries can also be made at this site.

These ATMs have other features. The voice guidance helps those customers who are partially or wholly blinded. Even these people can withdraw cash.

These machines also have a bilingual screen to facilitate cash withdrawal.

Those customers who have accounts in US banks can print the statement. They can also change their personal identification number.

Ordering check service is also available.

How to withdraw cash through an ATM installed at Walgreens?

Before using an ATM at Walgreens, you must be aware of certain things to revert trouble. Here is the complete guide on how to use an ATM at Walgreens.

  • First, find a properly functioning ATM.
  • Sometimes it requires you to enter your bank security pin first and then asks you to insert your bank card into the ATM reader.
  • Sometimes the situation may be reversed. In this case, it asks to insert the back card in the reader first, then instructs you to enter a personal identification number.
  • You can withdraw cash as it starts dispensing the cash you entered.
  • You can collect money free of charge in case you have a US bank account, especially in Nevada or California. 
  • It charges extra money in some instances, like for foreign currencies.

Always check the ATM before using it and consult the service provider.

Do ATMs at Walgreens charge an extra fee?

Allpoint charges an extra fee on cash withdrawals when an Allpoint cash holder withdraws money. On the other hand, when a customer attempts to withdraw cash from an ATM in Nevada or California states of the United States, he will not be charged if he is a US bank account holder.

What is the maximum limit to withdraw cash from Allpoint ATMs at Walgreens?

If you need cash to pay at Walgreens, you can go straight to the ATM installed at the store. You are facilitated to withdraw some money between $200 to $400. The minimum limit for cash withdrawal is $200, and the maximum is $400. Yet there is a pleasing thing: there is no limit on the number of transactions until your local state laws prohibit you from doing so.

Where can I find an ATM in the Walgreens store?

You may head toward the ATM to withdraw cash as you need money to purchase at Walgreens. In case you are facing difficulty in finding an ATM, you should visit these two given places, as ATMs are found only at

  • Cash register
  • POS terminal 


Walgreens serves its customers through ATMs and other Banking services at its stores. Those customers who have to pay for the purchase at Walgreens can use these ATMs. It has installed ATMs in more than 7000 stores throughout the United States. At some places, you can withdraw cash free of cost, but you need to confirm before making a transaction.


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