Does Walmart Offer Military and Veterans Discounts? (All FAQs 2022)

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Walmart is a leading retail brand working across the globe. It has been running more than 11000 stores across the world. A lot of brands usually give discounts on various products essentially for military personnel. Walmart also provides discounts to its consumers. Does it offer discounts to the military and veterans?

What other opportunities Walmart is offering to military soldiers?

If you have questions like these, let’s come up with the answer.

Does Walmart offer military and veterans discounts?

Although Walmart offers several types of discounts in stores and through online purchases, it does not provide specific discounts to military and veterans. On the other hand, there are other facilities that it provides to military personnel and veterans.

What programs and facilities does Walmart provide to military and veterans?

According to Walmart, it is showing dedication to the military through different programs. It has introduced several programs for active soldiers, military as well as veterans and their spouses. It has initiated 3 different types of activities to interact and associate with the military as well as retired officers and soldiers.

It has introduced the following programs 

  • Attracting Military Talent program 
  • Programs to connect Sam’s Club and Military
  • Providing growth opportunities for the spouses of the military and veterans.

Attracting Military Talent:

It has been making a partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce. Walmart gave a fellowship program in which it provided professional training to the soldier so that they might work at Walmart in the future. It provided this program which lasted for 6 to 12 weeks. Military personnel who joined this program are offered by Walmart to get and discover different career opportunities. Walmart has claimed that those who joined this program were later hired. 

Walmart thus creates job opportunities for military soldiers and veterans.

Veteran Welcome Home Commitment:

Another opportunity offered by Walmart to military and veterans was the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment program. Walmart has claimed that it had hired 40000 veterans through this program before the year 2013. It not only hired veterans but also their spouses. These were hired at Walmart and Sam’s Club. 

Growth Opportunities for Spouses of Military and Veterans:

It is a very marvelous success journey that was provided to the spouses of military personnel by Walmart. It has provided a free site named Finding a Future where it provided tools and trainers. These trainers helped spouses to reach their goals. This trainer had the potential to assess the skills of these spouses. After that, they suggested a position to work in any company. Walmart appears to claim that it has engaged more than 30000 military and veterans spouses. 

Other Discounts at Walmart:

Besides providing the above program Walmart has been providing many discounts on different products to civilians as well as soldiers. You can shop as a customer if you want to get a discount at the Walmart store.

There are mentioned discounts which are usually offered by Walmart.

Walmart’s policy of fewer prices:

Walmart is famous for its amazingly low prices. It merchandises high-quality brands at low prices. It has comparatively low prices for the products offered by other retailers at higher prices. So Walmart does not need to offer already discounted products at discounted rates.

Walmart+ membership:

This membership has been provided by Walmart to its customers. Only those customers are eligible to get a discount through this Walmart+ membership, who were able to register. Members can get discounts which include delivery with zero fees from stores, savings of fuel up to $0.10 per gallon, access to different deals and promotions, and saving up to $1300 per year.

It also offers a paramount streaming service. Members can watch live streams of CBS sports including NFL football.

Walmart Discount Offers:

Sometimes Walmart offers discounts on multiple merchandises. It has a maniacal focus on the customers. You can save your money by purchasing discounted items. It also facilitates its digital customers by offering discounts on varied products and shipping with fewer charges

How to get a discount through coupons?

Any civilian as well as a military customer can get amazing coupons. They are accessible to each Walmart customer. You can get coupons through, coupon cabin, and RetailMeNot sites to save your money. These coupons can later be used at Walmart to save money. You can also save money without having a military discount by using monthly clearance markdowns and intermittent rollback sales. You can get free shipping if you buy digitally for up to $35.

Do other dealers offer military and veterans discounts?

If you are searching those retailers who offer you military discounts, you can visit stores like CVS, Dollar General, and Target.


Walmart offers several discounts but it does not offer any specific discounts to military and veterans. If you are an active military soldier or veteran, you can search for its programs, especially for military and veterans and their spouses. You can also get special deals as a usual customer in Walmart stores.

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