Does Walmart Price Match Amazon? (2022 FAQs)

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon
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Walmart is a popular department store, ensuring that all its customers, whether a wealthy or middle class, are getting the best policies. That’s why a service like a price matching is allowed in Walmart stores. Keep reading to know how you can price match at Walmart.

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Yes! It certainly does. As of 2022, Walmart matches prices on most products at comparable prices. On the other hand, Walmart does not match pricing on items manufactured in Walmart-owned factories and prefers to charge more for those items.

Before you begin shopping, determine which products at Walmart will be manufactured by them and which will not. If you attempt to price match a product manufactured in one of these factories, your request may be denied unless the product is an exact match.

How To Price Match Products On Against Amazon?

When getting the best deal on your online purchases, offers a price match guarantee against Amazon-sold items to ensure you always get the best price. If you believe an item on is being sold for a lower price on Amazon, call Walmart Customer Care before placing your order, and a representative will verify the item’s eligibility and have the final say on whether or not they will match the price.

Does Walmart Price The Same With Amazon For All Products?

While certain conditions apply, Walmart allows customers to price match items sold on Amazon under certain conditions. Assume a customer qualifies for price matching. In that case, the individual will be able to match the price of one identical item per day against an in-stock Amazon item that is identical in size, quantity, and color.

Price matches may not be honored by store associates for products purchased using Amazon Prime deals or other discounts available on the marketplace site. Walmart does not usually price match items that have dropped after purchase, which means you won’t get your money back if the price drops on a product you’ve already purchased. They do, however, offer discounts on a variety of items.

When did Walmart Stop Price Matching in Stores?

On May 14, 2019, Walmart changed its Price Match Policy, effectively ending price matching in all its stores in the United States and on the app. Walmart has decided to discontinue its Price Match Guarantee. This decision is motivated by store delays at the checkout counter and a desire to keep prices low both online and in-store.

So, while it used to be a wise way to save money, if you want to take advantage of this policy now, you must do so online.

Why Is There The Difference In Prices Of Walmart Online And In-Store? 

Walmart’s prices differ between physical locations. Each Walmart location has its inventory. In addition, each store frequently holds sales or discount events to help you lighten your wallet!

Those discounted products, however, are available online at Walmart’s website for the same price in any part of the country, regardless of whether they are sold in Winnetka or Walkertown, USA. So you can be confident about price differences when shopping online.

Why Does Walmart Price Match With Amazon?

The most important benefit is that it allows them to remain competitive in a rapidly changing retail landscape. With Amazon’s size and scale, they can offer competitive prices on a wide range of products, not to mention their promise of free next-day delivery for Prime members.

Thus, by matching these prices, retailers such as Walmart can help to level the playing field and meet consumer expectations. Furthermore, price matching can increase brand visibility and drive traffic to their stores, giving them another way to compete with Amazon. Finally, price matching is essential for any retailer looking to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced retail environment.

Which Retailers Does Walmart Also Have Price Match With? 

Walmart matches prices from various online retailers, the largest of which is Walmart also price matches significant retailers such as,, and, allowing you to price match a wide range of products.

Does Amazon Match Walmart Prices?

No, Amazon does not price match any store, including Walmart. Although it used to offer price-protection guarantees in the past, this policy was scrapped back in 2016.


Walmart stores offer customers online facilities to match prices with popular stores, including Amazon.

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