Hobby Lobby Theft Policy: All you need to know (2022)

Hobby Lobby Theft Policy

When it comes to stealing, every store in the World must have different policies to decrease the rate of stealing. Hobby Lobby holds a chain of arts and crafts stores throughout the World. When it comes to shopping here, everyone is good to go and thinks it is easy to shoplift items from the shop, but you will be surprised to know their original policy for shoplifters. Keep reading this article to reveal other secrets about the hobby lobby’s theft policy.

What’s Hobby Lobby’s theft policy?

In 2022, Hobby Lobby’s theft prevention measures differ by store location. Some locations have multiple cameras covering a large area, while others have no CCTV. Other stores have vigilant loss prevention staff, whereas others take a hands-off approach. Nonetheless, people have faced serious charges after being caught shoplifting from Hobby Lobby.

Can you steal from a Hobby Lobby store? 

According to employees, the store manager’s CCTV cameras were only monitored by their office, and the feed was sent to a third-party company. If you are caught shoplifting, the store’s “hands off” and “no pursue” policies will render the employees powerless to stop you. The staff also observed another method of stealing from the store: changing the price stickers on merchandise. However, remember that it just applies to one store. There are other stores which are more secure. 

Do Hobby Lobby stores have cameras?

Every Hobby Lobby location has cameras, but some check the film more frequently than others. While some establishments have dedicated loss prevention personnel that watch cameras, others have cameras managed by management.

Is Hobby Lobby’s Loss Prevention Program Effective?

All locations should have some loss prevention, but larger establishments should employ more sophisticated security measures. Hobby Lobby is looking to hire a loss prevention agent in Oklahoma City. This advertisement also mentions an enormous loss prevention division where the agent would report and provide suggestions for improvement. They will watch the stores in plain clothing to catch and prevent shoplifters and fraudsters. An agent might also be requested to help with inquiries into potential shoplifting by store employees.

How seriously does Hobby Lobby take shoplifting?

The fact that these agents are required to submit incident reports, review CCTV footage and contact the police when necessary shows how seriously shoplifting is taken in their work locations. However, the post mentions that the agent would work in various places in the neighborhood. As a result, you never know when an agent might or might not be in your neighborhood store. This advertisement clarifies the presence of undercover operatives on patrol, CCTV cameras, and a section dedicated to preventing theft.

What measures are carried by Hobby Lobby for theft?

Theft from stores is an evil crime, and its repercussions are complex. The amount of stolen products determines the company’s punishment. It is against the law if a customer steals merchandise worth $2,500. If $2,500 to $30,000 worth of items is taken, the offender might spend up to 2 years in federal prison. A person would receive a sentence of roughly five years in jail if they took items worth more than $30,000.

Does Hobby Lobby take stealing meager goods seriously? 

The retailers would not take punitive actions but impose the charges if the worth of the stolen goods was meager. The police and the court will bring the person into custody if the store lodges a complaint and files charges. The customer also gets banned from the store, and sometimes the person’s picture is spread to society to prevent them from stealing elsewhere. You can tell from here how severe Hobby Lobby’s theft policy is. 

What if I steal from Hobby Lobby and get caught?

The value of the stolen goods determines the charges and harsh penalties. The business makes every effort possible to keep the shoplifters in check. Getting barred from the stores is guaranteed. The public and the police will be shown the pictures. The business may file serious accusations. 

What were the accusations made against the woman who stole from Hobby Lobby? 

Here is an illustration to deter shoplifters. Two women, 55 and 66 years old, were accused of trafficking stolen items. The woman received a 20-year prison sentence. The women had transported stolen scrapbooking supplies to other Midwest states. These products were being shipped outside of the US and marketed online. 

Goods worth around $600,000 has been delivered to the Baugh. $560,000 was the total amount of the swindle. The majority of the products were stickers for scrapbooks. Police were brought into the situation. All of the local police from Illinois and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service had taken over this inquiry.


One should eliminate the thought of stealing from Hobby Lobby from their mind as Hobby Lobby’s theft policies are stringent, and you can have a lawsuit filed against you for just stealing an item. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


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