Home Depot Dress Code: (A Complete Guide of 2022)

Home Depot Dress Code: (A Complete Guide of 2022)
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Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers. It has been selling home improvement goods, appliances, electronics, construction products, and many other services to many enthusiastic customers. It is a famous brand amongst the people. To raise awareness of its brand, it has introduced a certain dress code especially a Home Depot apron for those employees who are working in its stores. These workers get a professional look and they are representative of the company brand. Let’s have a look at the Home Depot Dress Code as of 2022. 

Home Depot Dress Code Policy

Though Home Depot has not had a strict dress code policy yet it assists its workers to come in particular dress in the store wearing collared tops and jeans or slacks. Home Depot’s special apron is a must to wear during duty time. It allows its workers to have tattoos and piercings. Its workers are not allowed to wear anything representing other brands.

Home Depot Orange Apron;

Home Depot has introduced an apron. This apron comes in orange color and is provided by the company itself. 

  • Employees are strict to wear this apron throughout duty time as long as they stay in the store.
  • Home Depot does not allow its employees to wear this apron outside the store.
  • They can’t even wash it outside the store. This may reduce the risk of safety hazards so that anyone out of the store may not mess with the company and merchandise. 
  • The manager of the store distributes these aprons when an employee comes into the store for duty. The same manager collects that given apron when the shift of the employee ends. 
  • During this time the employee is responsible for keeping the apron.
  • Whenever an apron gets damaged, workers may order a new one by returning the previous one.

Tops- according to Home Depot Dress Code Policy;

Those shirts or tops are allowed that do not have strict general rule form of the company.

  • Tops are allowed in certain forms.
  • These must be neat and clean.
  • Home Depot allows its employees to wear any blouse, t-shirt or polo.
  • Sweatshirts are also acceptable at the store.
  • Tank tops are not allowed.
  • You can’t wear sleeveless tops.
  • Even 1 sleeve top is prohibited.
  • These must not be too low cut as they should cover the midriff.

Those shirts look professional as they are being worn by the company’s representatives. 

Bottoms that can be worn at the Store;

Bottoms are allowed in any color at the store.

  • These must be in proper condition. Bottoms should not have wear or tear.
  • Shorts are also permissible but athletic ones are not. No less than three inches should be naked above the thighs. The same is the case with skirts.
  • Slacks and jeans are also permissible.
  • You can not wear leggings in any form.
  • Yoga pants are discouraged according to Home Depot Dress Code Policy.
  • Similarly, sweatpants are not considered appropriate at the store during working hours.

Shoes- Closed Toe

Shoes play an important role in the performance of the employee. If shoes are comfortable employee is comfortably performing his duties. If there is any problem with them, employees will be in trouble. 

  • Shows with good support should be worn.
  • Footwear having a closed toe is encouraged.
  • Keep in mind the fact that you will have to perform your task whole the day or night. So you must wear comfortable and appropriate footwear. 

Piercings- Acceptable at the Store

Piercings are allowed at Home Depot.

You can pierce your ears or nose.

You can wear accessories in them like nose pins or earrings. 

Tattoos- Must not be Offensive 

Tattoos are permissible at Home Depot.

  • They must not be offensive or controversial to the store or company.
  • These tattoos may not create safety hazards either for the employee or the company.
  • If you have a tattoo that is inappropriate for the company you will be asked to cover it properly.

Hat or Cap- Representative of the home Depot Company;

Wearing a hat or cap is allowed at the store until it does not offend the company. It should be the company’s brand representative. The hat or cap does not include the logo/slogan of any other company.


You can wear accessories at the store as long as they don’t hinder your working capability. 

A necklace can be worn during duty. Nose rings and earrings are also acceptable at the store.

Home Depot Interview Dress Code;

As the dress code is casual for the employees in the company yet it is essential to come in professional dress to look professional during an interview for Home Depot. 

  • Wear a simple dress when you go for an interview at Home Depot. That dress should be professional to look at.
  • Wear pants, khaki or slack that should not be too low
  • When you go for an interview for any position at Home Depot, wear closed-toe shoes or sandals.
  • Simple accessories are also preferred in case they enhance your outfit.


Home Depot has a very lenient dress code policy. You can wear jeans, shorts or skirts. Hats, tattoos, and piercings are permissible. You have to wear an apron given by the company. You should wear a dress so that it should facilitate your performance at the Home Depot. 


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