Home Depot Store Credit: Everything you should know

Home Depot Store Credit
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According to Home Depot’s return policy, you have 90 days from the date of purchase to return an item if you’re not happy. When returning an item, you must have your receipt with you in order to receive a refund. But what if you don’t have your receipt for the purchase? Home Depot provides you a shop credit in this situation.

If you return an item to Home Depot without a receipt, the shop will issue you a store credit card. If you return an item that you bought with a gift card, after the return time has passed, or that are not eligible for a refund, you may additionally receive a Home Depot store credit.

How exactly does a shop credit from Home Depot operate?

You may buy something else with the money you spent on a returned item by using a Home Depot shop credit. With a shop credit, you can choose another item with a comparable price to the one you returned, similar to an exchange.

To reduce fraud or the possibility of someone else using your Home Depot store credit, the retailer needs you to present a valid ID when you request a store credit. When using the shop credit, you must provide your ID as identification to prove that you are the rightful owner.

Where Can You Spend Your Store Credit from Home Depot?

A Home Depot store credit may only be used at a physical Home Depot location. Credits from Home Depot cannot be used for online purchases. You must present a legitimate picture ID at the Home Depot store since the shop credit is associated with your photo. 

In exchange for a returned item that is not eligible for a refund using the original payment method, Home Depot will provide a shop credit. As a result, it is impossible to turn a Home Depot store credit into cash. Gift cards cannot be purchased with store credit from Home Depot.

This is due to the fact that Home Depot gift cards are not just sold by Home Depot; they are also sold by other merchants. Additionally, you cannot pay for your credit card with your Home Depot store credit.

How can I check my Home Depot store credit balance?

Visit your neighborhood Home Depot to verify the status of your shop credit. Go to a cashier there and ask them to check your balance. To establish your identification, keep a government-issued picture ID with you, such as your driver’s license.

How Do I Use My Store Credit at Home Depot?

You can only use your Home Depot store credit in-store. Almost everything at Home Depot may be purchased with store credit, with the exception of gift cards. You may spend some of your Home Depot store credit on the following things:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Tools
  • Air Conditioner
  • Building supplies
  • Snowblowers, lawnmowers, and other power tools for the outdoor work
  • Lighting devices
  • Paints
  • Gardening equipment

What are the exceptions to the Home Depot return policy?

The majority of new, unopened products purchased at Home Depot may be returned within 90 days for a full refund processed through the original source of payment, according to Home Depot’s return policy.

The return policy at Home Depot does have certain exclusions, though. As an illustration, the following products have a 30-day return policy:

  • Electronics (Televisions & Computers)
  • Furniture 
  • Tractors 
  • Gas-powered machinery
  • Room rugs
  • Generators 

What items can not be refunded?

Even if you have 90 or 30 days to return things to Home Depot, some of them aren’t eligible for returns or refunds. These consist of:

  • Gift cards and store credits
  • Utility trailers
  • Whole house and stationary generators
  • Cut flowers and floral Arrangements
  • Product samples 
  • Custom products, such as blinds and products bought at Home Depot Design Center

When will you get a refund?

You will get your refund within 365 days of the date of purchase if you made your purchases with a Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, a Home Depot Commercial Account, or a Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge.

Can you shop at any Home Depot location with the store credit?

Yes! If you provide the cashier with a legitimate picture ID as identification, you can use your Home Depot store credit at any Home Depot location.

Can you use the store credit at Home Depot without a photo ID?

No! Without a valid ID, you cannot utilize your shop credit. For the purpose of reducing fraud, Home Depot demands a legitimate ID.

Is it possible to check your Home Depot store credit online?

No! Only in-store inquiries regarding your Home Depot shop credit will be answered. Alternative methods, such as checking online or by phone, are not provided by Home Depot.

Can I use my Home Depot shop credit again?

No. Credit from Home Depot never expires. You have plenty of time to prepare for your shopping.


For goods returned without a receipt, Home Depot gives a shop credit. But there is a weakness in this approach that you may exploit. In this manner, you can buy anything, use it for a short while, return it within 90 days, and receive store credit that can be applied to future purchases.


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