How do I Know If I Have Amazon Prime? (2023)


How do I Know If I Have Amazon Prime?

Amazon has been offering Prime Membership to its customers who are offered different perks and discounts, live streaming, free shipment of orders, and much more. You might have subscribed to Amazon Prime membership and wanted to know whether you are an active user. 

How do I know if I have an Amazon Prime membership program?

Before you browse to know whether you have an Amazon Prime membership program, you must know 1 thing. Amazon is offering three types of membership programs to its customers. Here those three programs are mentioned. You can deduce which type of program you are searching for.

  • Those Amazon Prime members who pay an annual fee get different perks, sometimes free shipment and access to movies and TV shows. 
  • Amazon Mom Membership is another Prime program offered by Amazon. Parents, grandparents, and other caretakers can sign up for this program. They get 30% off on babies’ and kid’s items. 
  • Amazon student membership is another program offered by Amazon. It is one of the prime membership programs. Students can sign up to get access to student-related offers and perks.
  • To explore the type of account, you have to choose that respective account from the account settings.

Step 1

Open the Amazon app or web page. Sign in to the account by entering your email and password. Click the sign-in button. You will be signed in 

Step 2

Hit the account tab. You can access all the information regarding your account. 

Step 3

Select Account optionA list of options will appear. Click on the view prime membership.

Step 4 

Select manage Prime membership, manage mom membership, or manage student Membership. Manage your account according to its type. 

Step 5

Review the membership information tab. Check your prime membership status. The membership will have a start and end date if you are a premium member. Payment method, payment information, and history will also be described here.

If your account is deactivated, Amazon will describe how to reactivate the account. If you were not a prime member previously, you could initiate the process here to start a free trial.

Step 6

Select manage membership and manage accordingly. You can also contact customer service if any information needs to be added or corrected. 

Amazon also has other subscription services like streaming, like Netflix and Hulu. It also offers cloud storage. You must check from time to time whether you are being charged for a particular service.

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon has been offering this type of membership in which you are charged monthly or annually. Those customers who are members have access to free shipment. They can watch Prime video libraries. Other services are also provided to its members. 

When reviewing your account, you can check for it. It is possible to have an Amazon account instead of a Prime one.

What Services are offered in the Amazon Prime membership program? 

Amazon Prime membership can be subscripted by paying an annual fee of $79. You will be authorized to get access to the Amazon video library and watch movies and shows. Free and fast two-day shipping will be given to Prime members. You can also get one-day shipping or same-day delivery with $3.99 delivery charges. 

How to cancel an Amazon free trial?

In case you initiate a free trial to get services, but you are unsatisfied and do not want to continue the membership. You will have to cancel the membership trial before the due date. You can cancel its membership by visiting

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Hit account tab
  • Select manage your Prime Membership program
  • Select Do not Upgrade
  • Your free trial will be canceled at once.


The status of the Amazon Prime membership program can be checked by visiting the web page or app. You can check the quality of the Prime account if it is a Prime Account, Mom Prime Membership, or Student Prime membership account. After selecting the manage Prime membership program, you can know your account status. You can activate, deactivate or cancel the free trial here. 


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