How does Grubhub compensate its employees? (2023)


Working as a delivery driver can be a profitable side hustle. Many people have turned to Grubhub because it provides a consistent source of income without requiring a large investment to join. Grubhub employs delivery drivers and collaborates with restaurants to provide food delivery services. If you own a restaurant and want to partner with or drive for Grubhub, you should first answer, “When does Grubhub pay?” We will explain how Grubhub payments work to help you figure out how frequently you’ll be paid.

How does Grubhub compensate its employees?

As of 2022, Grubhub drivers are typically paid via direct deposit. Grubhub drivers are paid weekly on Thursdays but can withdraw at any time using Instant Cash Out. Grubhub drivers are compensated based on the time they spend on the road, tips, the distance they travel for each order, and special offer earnings.

How Frequently Do You Get Paid Through Grubhub?

Restaurants that use direct deposit can be paid weekly, twice a week, or once every two weeks.

Do Grubhub drivers get paid on an hourly basis?

No! Grubhub drivers are not paid on an hourly basis. Instead, they are compensated based on various factors related to the deliveries they make, such as tips and how much they earn by completing missions for special offers.¬†When you see data about Grubhub earnings presented on a per-hour scale, it’s because they calculated how much they earn on average in an hour based on variables such as how many orders they take, how many tips they receive, and so on.

How Quickly Does Grubhub Pay?

Grubhub payments are available 15 minutes after a delivery is completed. However, the speed with which they can access it is determined by whether they use direct deposit or Instant Cash Out. Drivers are paid every Thursday by direct deposit, the default option, and can withdraw their money whenever they want with Instant Cash Out. Direct deposit, on the other hand, may take three to five days to complete. Also, Grubhub says you should have the money by next Monday, and you should contact the company if you experience any delays.

Do Grubhub drivers get paid in addition to tips?

Yes! Grubhub drivers are compensated in addition to tips, as their total pay may include the following:

  • Mileage per order is calculated based on the distance traveled for each order.
  • Time spent on the road
  • Special offers are given out when drivers complete missions, such as making a certain number of deliveries in a certain amount of time. 
  • Special requests are not available everywhere and are limited to specific times and markets.
  • In addition, Grubhub has different policies in place for how it treats these aspects of its drivers’ pay, such as:
  • If you receive an order before completing the previous delivery, the mileage and time for the new offer will be estimated beginning where you finished the last delivery.

Do Grubhub drivers get paid daily?

No! Grubhub drivers are only paid daily if they choose the Instant Cash Out option, which allows them to withdraw their earnings whenever they want. 

Are Grubhub drivers compensated per mile? 

Yes! Grubhub drivers are compensated per mile in addition to tips, time, and special offers.

When Do Grubhub Drivers Get Paid?

Drivers for Grubhub, like restaurants, have two payment options: direct deposit and Instant Cash Out. Restaurants that accept check payments are paid once a month. With check payment, the company will mail your check on the fifth business day of each month. If you work as a Grubhub driver, you will be paid once per week if you choose direct deposit. With the Instant Cash Out option, you can withdraw your earnings anytime.

Grubhub pays on what day of the week?

Drivers who use the direct deposit option are paid every Thursday.

What if you withdraw your earnings immediately to meet a financial obligation?

By selecting Instant Cash Out, you can instantly cash your earnings into your bank account. However, there is a reasonable fee associated with this payment option.

When Do Grubhub Bonuses Get Paid?

Grubhub has two bonus pay periods, each lasting two weeks. You’ll receive your first bonus offer in the first week after completing various special missions. The second bonus offer will be available in the second week. 


The default plan pays Grubhub drivers via direct deposit every Thursday. However, they can choose Instant Cash Out, which allows them to withdraw to their bank account whenever they want for 50 cents per transaction or free if they use Chase. Additionally, Grubhub calculates its drivers’ pay based on tips; mileage traveled, time spent on the road, and special offers. Besides, special offers on Grubhub can be earned by completing missions such as making a certain number of deliveries in a certain amount of time.


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