How Late Does Amazon Deliver? (2023)


Being worried about the porch pirates or missing your arriving package is realistic. As soon as you know that your package is on the route and is about to be delivered, you may worry if it is past 8 pm. Despite having a standard timeline for delivering the orders, you may expect late deliveries from Amazon. 

Have you ordered something from Amazon? Is it on the route according to tracking information? Is the delivery expected to be late at night?

What to do in this case? Continue reading to know all and the related answers.

How late does Amazon deliver?

Amazon has set a standard timeline. It delivers in its set time of 8 am to 8

Pm. You may be thinking of your late delivery of an Amazon package once. Of course, it is possible from Amazon. Amazon makes late deliveries even after 10 pm.

But if your order is expected to be delivered at 10 pm, you will not be disturbed by an Amazon delivery man. He will avoid disturbing you and silently put the package in a safe place outside your house. Some packages are valuable and need a receiver and their signature. The deliverer will first try to call you. If you are unavailable, it will go back and then come on the best of their hours.

Despite this, the standard timeline for the package arrival is no later than 8 pm.

How late does Amazon deliver on weekdays?

Amazon usually delivers between 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays.

It will deliver late at 10 pm on weekdays. That will avoid knocking on the door and place the package in a suitable place for you.

You never expect delivery earlier than 8 am if you are a typical consumer of Amazon. If registered with Amazon Prime service, you can demand early delivery. That means you can expect Amazon delivery at 6 am on your threshold. 

How late does Amazon deliver on weekends?

It does deliver orders on Saturday and Sunday. You may expect the arrival of the purchase in the standard time set by Amazon.

According to Amazon, it has been working with other services to deliver on Sunday. These services include USPS and Flex Driver.

The time limit for delivery is as late as 8 pm

USPS working hours are between 6 am and 5 pm. You may expect delivery during this time.

Flex driver is an independent service that chooses its hour according to suitability. They will probably deliver before 8 pm.

Depending on the delivery service provider, you may expect late delivery at 5 or 8 pm.

How late does Amazon deliver groceries?

Amazon Fresh is a new service offered by Amazon to its customers. People can order online and get their delivery at their homes while doing other necessary tasks.

Most commonly, Amazon Fresh also operates within the standard time limit. It delivers between 8 am to 8 pm. A series of delivery windows are offered to customers, like a 2-hour delivery window to get fresh groceries. If you order past 6 pm, you can get the delivery the following day according to your chosen window.

How late does Amazon deliver critical packages?

Amazon critical package delivery is introduced to combat piracy of Amazon packages from people’s homes. Critical package delivery is allowed only within the standard time limit. You can expect late delivery as of 9 pm

How late does Amazon deliver Prime 2-Day Shipments?

Amazon has given Prime 2-day shipments to its Prime members. 2-day delivery was made to the far-off customers. Recently, customers have been claiming late delivery of Amazon Prime 2-day shipping. Based on different locations, it delivers prime 2-day shipments in 4 to 7 business days.

Why does Amazon deliver late?

Amazon’s standard delivery hours are between 8 am to 8 pm. But it has been witnessed to deliver packages at 10 pm. There are many reasons behind the scene why it delivers late at night. Some of those reasons are listed below.

  • As of 2023, more than 400 million shipments will be delivered to customers. This increased popularity is hindering the shipment facilities of Amazon. 
  • Amazon Prime membership program facilitates customers to earn 1-day or 2-day free shipping by registering for the membership program. To satisfy the wishes of those customers, it has to incline towards those prime members, which results in late deliveries of other regular customers.
  • Due to increased shipment demand, Amazon delivery drivers have become insufficient. To cope with such a significant demand, fewer drivers meet the need.

Does Amazon deliver after 9 pm?

Despite following the standard timeline, Amazon delivery may arrive as late as 9 pm. You can expect a late delivery of the package.

Does Amazon deliver after 10 pm?

On weekdays, Amazon does deliver late as after 9 pm. Sometimes the delivery man comes at 10 pm and returns after placing the package at a suitable location.

What time does Amazon stop delivering on Sunday?

Amazon has employed different independent service providers. They work according to their suitability. You may expect it as late as 5 pm or 8 pm if it is about to be delivered by USPS or Flex Driver, respectively.


You may expect late delivery at 10 pm from Amazon. This giant retailer has a standard timeline of 8 am to 8 pm. Due to several reasons, the delivery processes may get late.


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