How Long Does CVS Hold Prescriptions? (Updated 2023) 


CVS Pharmacy has been a trusted source for prescription medications and other health products and services in the community for over 40 years. It is always nearby when you need it, thanks to convenient locations across the country.n

In addition, the CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare rewards program also allows you to save even more money on the products and services you use daily. Visit CVS today to learn more about what they have to offer. If a CVS customer hasn’t received your filled prescription on time, you might wonder how long CVS will keep your medicine

How Long Does CVS Hold Prescriptions? 

CVS will hold your prescription for two days before canceling the order and restocking the goods. This policy applies to both new prescriptions and refills. If you cannot pick up your prescription within this timeframe, contact CVS to reschedule a pickup time. Failure to do so may cause your medication to be delayed. You can order your prescriptions through the mail and have them delivered in 1-2 days.

What Is the Meaning of Prescription Hold?

When your prescription at CVS is on hold, the store does not have the medication in stock and is waiting for it to arrive.

You can still get your medication; you must wait a little longer. If you need it sooner, you can stop by and speak with the pharmacist; perhaps there are options for you to pick it up from a different store, or they may know when the order will be received.

What happened to the CVS prescription that was put on hold?

This means it will not be ready for pickup on the specified day until a pharmacist confirms it. 

What if I don’t pick up my prescription from CVS?

Suppose you do not pick up your prescription at CVS within two days. In that case, the company will cancel your order and electronically reverse the claim.

This means you’ll have to pay for your prescription yourself rather than having your insurance company pay for it. CVS may also charge you a cancellation fee in some cases. 

How far in advance can I fill a prescription at CVS?

The answer to how many days early you can fill a prescription at CVS is two. CVS will allow you to fill your controlled substance prescription up to two days before.

So, if you need your medication and can’t wait until your regular refill date, make your way to CVS.

Can I get prescriptions from CVS online?

Yes! You can order prescriptions from CVS online. CVS allows customers to order drugs online through or the CVS mobile app. Medications can also be refilled online.

What are the advantages of ordering medicine online?

There are several advantages to ordering prescriptions online.

  • It’s simple and convenient 
  • It is quick
  • It’s inexpensive 
  • It saves you time 

How to order medicines online?

To order prescriptions from CVS online, follow this,

  • Sign in to your account on or the CVS mobile app. 
  • You can then search for your medications and add them to your shopping cart. 
  • After you’ve added all of your prescriptions to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout
  • Select your shipping method. 
  • Your medications will be delivered shortly.

Can your prescriptions be delivered to a different CVS location?

Yes! You can do so by visiting 

  • Select your new CVS store by clicking the “Collect Prescriptions” tab. 
  • Starting the following day, you can pick up your prescriptions at that location. 

How far in advance can I refill a prescription at CVS? 

In some cases, your doctor may have another prescription ready to go. At the same time, they await insurance approval, which could take up to 24 hours.

Is Delivery Available For All Prescriptions?

No! Currently, CVS policy prohibits the delivery of controlled substances, medications requiring refrigeration, or hazardous chemicals.

When Can I Have My CVS Order Delivered?

Only after you have obtained your prescription can you request it be delivered. You can call the store, select delivery options on the CVS Pharmacy app, or text a link to “order ready.”

Can you fill prescriptions ahead of time?

Yes! You can fill them two days in advance, but no sooner. This is done to ensure that the medication is still effective and will help you when you need it and that you are not stockpiling.


CVS customers must only wait two days before canceling and returning the items to their stock under the new policy. Your prescription will be ready to pick up at the CVS Pharmacy of your choice once it has been filled. You can have it delivered right to your door with a few clicks and simple instructions. 


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