How Many Days Early Can You Fill Up A Prescription At Walgreens? (FAQs Answered)

How Many Days Early Can You Fill A Prescription At Walgreens?
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Walgreen is a US-based company operating the second largest pharmacy in the United State. It is well known for filling prescriptions, wellness, and other health-related information. 

What does it mean to fill a prescription? 

You might have visited a doctor for your health purpose who might have prescribed you some medication that you need to fill from your local pharmacy. In some situations, you need a second refill. But policies for refilling may not allow us to do this before a specific time.

Although your doctor might have given you the prescription to get it refilled, if you want to know how many days early you can fill that prescription at Walgreens, this article is going to be beneficial for you.

What is Walgreen’s Refill Policy?

Refilling a prescription at Walgreens is regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency. You can easily get your prescription for your medication the first time. But whenever you need your prescription to refill at any pharmacy, with which you are interacting, it will take a specific time. It might be Walgreens. It usually refills prescriptions before 3 days of the due date. All the pharmacies including Walgreens follow the rules of Healthcare providers that prescribe a refill. 

Why can’t you refill your prescription as early as you want?

If you want to refill your prescription early before the due date, there might be many reasons which stop Walgreens from refilling your prescription before the specified time of 3 days. The reason is that Walgreens strictly abide and follow those instructions and limitations which are set by your healthcare provider or insurance provider. There might be another reason that you are insured or health does not accept that prescription that is Refilled before the given time.

Does Walgreens refill prescriptions within 3 days in a serious case? 

Fortunately, you can get your prescription refilled by Walgreens before the Limited 3 days. This will occur in certain specific situations like if you have to travel a large distance, where you think you will not be able to get your prescription refill. You can request them to refill your prescription.

In case your medication was stolen and you have to show it to any official of the state, you can request pharmaceutical staff at Walgreens to refill it.

If the weather is forecasted worst, and you need a refill. You can request them in this case as well to get a refill.

Why is a refill allowed after three days at Walgreens?

This refilling is restricted because of those people who are addicted to drugs, and those who can exploit the provided service. It prevents misuse of drugs. It is the main reason for not filling prescriptions before the prescribed time as it is the major concern of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Moreover refilling is restricted before the prescribed time as it may increase the risk of trading on the black market. 

Early refill would put an extra burden on Pharmaceutical staff as well. So early refill is not suggested before the due date.

How can you request Healthcare or Pharmaceutical staff to assist in the early refill?

If you need an early refill, the only thing you can do is communicate and converse with your healthcare provider or insurance provider. You can also communicate with pharmaceutical staff as well. You have to explain your situation in any case seriousness. They will give you an early refill. Walgreen follows exceptions as well, in case you need this refill in an emergency. The only thing is to converse with them.

How to get an early refill for a controlled substance?

There might arise an emergency that needs an early refill. The prescribed medication might be a control item. So do not hesitate to talk to your doctor. He will request Walgreens to give an early refill. Your prescription must be signed by that respective doctor to get an early refill for a controlled substance.

What about  Schedule ii items to get a refill at Walgreens?

There are those medicated items that have the severe potential for abuse despite being used for medication. These have high physical as well as mental dependency. The most common examples of schedule ii products are

Opioids which include Oxycontin and Vicodin, Stimulant which include Ritalin, Depressants including Xanax, etc

Although these are used in medication, they carry a high risk of exploitation.

Wrap Up: 

Sometimes a prescription is given to you by your healthcare provider or insurance provider. You have to refill that prescription from pharmaceutical experts.

Walgreen usually gives a refill of your prescribed medication three days before the due date. They have to follow and abide by those rules which are implemented on them by the Drug Enforcement Agency. You can get a refill in case of an emergency. 

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