How To Buy an Amazon Return Item? (2023)


As in most cases we have seen that customers feel happy when they are given a chance to return those purchased items with which they are unsatisfied. Many large retailers have employed a return policy for inventory which is defective.

Those items which customers feel unsuitable are returned to the store. Of course, there are some restrictions also on the return of packages. Their condition should be good and these must be brought with a purchase slip and receipt. After a deep inspection of the items, these are accepted or rejected.Amazon is more lenient towards customers. They can return the item. Digitally purchased items already have a heftier ratio of return as compared to brick-and-mortar stores. If you want to know how to buy a returned item from Amazon, this platform will give you each and every piece of information.

How to buy Amazon return items?

When any customer returns an item purchased from Amazon, that item is closely inspected. After validation, it either rotated in shelves or put in digital inventory. You can search for that returned inventory on the Amazon website. In some cases, they are sent back to sellers. In many cases, these are sold to marketplace vendors who put them on their websites from where you can buy that inventory. Here will be mentioned some websites from where you can buy Amazon return items.

How does Amazon deal with liquidation inventory?

According to an estimate, the return rate for digitally purchased items is 25%. This is more than the items from brick-and-mortar stores, where the return rate is less than 10 %. In 2021, Amazon consolidated net sale revenue was counted to be $469.82 billion. Amazon’s sales revenue for the twelve months ending June 2022 was estimated at $485.902 billion. You can assume the amount and cost of the return comprising 25% of either $469.82 billion or $485.902 billion. These are the large chunks of items. But only some of them which are totally fit and suited to be rotated in the store. Many of them go back to the seller. There still remains a larger chunk of returned inventory. This larger chunk is available to be sold to any marketplace vendor. So there is a large and profitable opportunity for those who want to buy these returns in large amounts from these liquidated items.

Where to buy Amazon return?

These are some liquidation websites from where you can buy Amazon return inventory. Some of these websites put the inventory on drop-down menus. They then enable you to choose Amazon under the marketplace vendors.Some of the liquidation websites are mentioned below.


One of the liquidation companies that sell Amazon inventory. You can buy Amazon returns from this site in large amounts. This liquidation company has been operating in different countries but only sells in Europe including the United States. Of course, the quality of the item may be compromised which you must ensure before purchase.


BlueLots is a liquidation company operating in the United States. Before purchasing the real item from the company, you should know that it directly charges the merchant and does not mark up its inventory. Customers can browse the items without registration. But they have to register to buy inventory.

888 Lots;

Besides, they have more than 100,000 branded items, they have Amazon return items. They sell at fixed prices but can be adjusted by the seller. Moreover, it requires a resale customer certificate when anyone wants to sell those returned items which are purchased from 888Lots.


One of the liquidation companies that trade directly with Amazon. It stocks fresh inventory 3 times a day. It also requires a resale registration certificate. You can’t return the item if purchased once.

It is a famous liquidation website that offers commodities at discounted prices. Although some commodities are offered at instant purchase most pallets are generally sold at auction, and their bidding starts at $100. 

Prices of Amazon Return Pallets

Prices for rerun inventory depend entirely on the marketplace vendors. Bidding parties have a major influence on the prices. It depends on the number of items you are purchasing.

When it comes to large chunks and pallets, the minimum price is $1000 and the maximum amount is $6999. But the price may vary depending on the policy of the marketplace and other factors.


Many purchased items are returned to Amazon which it either sends back to the seller or rotates in the store for new customers. But most commodities are sold to liquidation companies from where customers can purchase rerun inventory.


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