How to Resign from Amazon? 2 best methods to try

How to Resign from Amazon
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Quitting a job is not so easy as you are already going through stress to let you go with the job. Just walking out from the store or company is the easiest method to leave the job and never come back. This may harm your reputation in the company before you may come back to be rehired again. Leaving a job with good terms and conditions is necessary and professional. You can quit or resign from your job at a company even if it is a huge retailer like Amazon. We are going to address all those issues that employees face when they intend to quit their job. 

How to resign from Amazon?

Resigning from Amazon might be your decision. Don’t let go of professionalism. You can resign from Amazon in good conditions. You have to inform them as soon as you decide to quit the job. Although you are not bound to inform them 2 weeks before you quit the job, it is recommended to do so. You can either resign at the A to Z application provided by Amazon or contact your company’s HR. 

When you make up your mind to resign from the Amazon job, here are two professional methods through which you can leave the company. Every company has employed different methods to let its employees leave the company. Amazon has also introduced such types of methods.

1st method

Interacting HR

The very first method is contacting HR. HR is given preference to the supervisor in this respect. He may put your matter aside and indulge in other activities. He may show a careless attitude towards your resignation. That is why it is mandatory to talk with the HR of the company. You can make a call to inform him whenever you decide. But that phone call will be insufficient to inform him. After informing through a phone call, write a letter to HR of the company including necessary information like your name, the reason for quitting the job, joining and resigning date, email address and contact number etc.

Let them know politely about your resignation.

2nd method

A to Z application

The second option but an important step to leave an Amazon job is using an A to Z application. This is a convenient method to quit the job. Amazon employees can use this app to quit their job.

  • Download the app from the play store or app store.
  • When the app starts there is an option at the bottom Thinking of Leaving Amazon?
  • Here you will be landed on the page where you can enter the information to quit the job.
  • Enter your name.
  • You have to select the reason from the list provided.
  • Mention the day of resignation.
  • Submit the application.

Make sure that you haven’t signed any bond with Amazon. You will have to suffer legal action in case you violate the bond terms and conditions.

What is better-Amazon Yearly Resignation or simply quitting the job?

Amazon has another offer in the form of a yearly resignation offer according to which employees will get a quitting bonus that will range from $2000-$5000. As the employee decides to take the bonus, they can not work for Amazon again, said Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos. So an employee who wants to quit the job and never come back again can accept the bonus offer.

How to quit Amazon in a professional manner?

It is possible to quit an Amazon job in a more professional manner. Many employees do not consider it worth informing the supervisor or the manager. Some employees leave the store during their shifts. While some quit the store after their shift to never come back again. Many of them state that they do not like the company or do not consider it very important to leave the store in a formal manner. These attitudes hinder the rehiring of employees. So leaving on good terms and conditions while obeying the company’s norm is very crucial. 

Is there Amazon’s rehiring policy?

Amazon rehires employees on certain conditions. Every company has introduced its termination policy as well as rehiring policy. Amazon rehires those employees who have left the store on good terms. They might have to take care of their own health or their family members. There might be lots of reasons which can be stated. Amazon sends an email of termination after your resignation. That termination is regarded as voluntary termination by Amazon. It’s a good way to leave the store.

On the other hand, if you quit your job in bad circumstances, you have to think before joining.

For those employees who have left the company in a professional and polite way have to wait 90 days before they get rehired by the company. Those who were fired by the company had to wait for a reasonable time of 1 year.

How to quit Amazon during the training period?

You can also quit the job during the training period by contacting HR or simply submitting an application at A to Z application. You can resign from your Amazon job even if you have worked for only 3 weeks at Amazon.


Resigning from Amazon by formal methods may pave your path for rehiring. You can use the A to Z app to submit your application for resignation. You can also contact the HR of the company. Following the company’s norm when you resign from the job increases your chances if rehired by Amazon.

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