How to Share Amazon Shopping Cart? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Share Amazon Shopping Cart? Step-by-Step Guide
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Sometimes you may be purchasing a gift and want a second opinion on buying the entity, you would like to share it with someone. These might be other reasons as well. There are different methods through which these carts can be conveniently transferred to the person with whom you want to share them. Here in this guide, we are going to help you with the ways through which you can share your Amazon cart. 

How to share an Amazon shopping cart? 

Amazon does not allow you to directly share your shopping cart with anyone. There are different other third-party apps or plugins you can use to share your cart. You can employ several other methods like using third-party apps to share Amazon carts with loved ones. Here we have provided two different extensions or plugins through which it becomes easy to share the cart. 

  • Share A Cart
  • Shopping Cart Share

These two methods are frequently used by many customers. They use these extensions to share the cart with loved ones. By downloading these plugins, your cart will be transferred to whom you want to show them.

Share A Cart

You will have to add Share A Cart extensions. After this, you can easily share your cart with anyone you want.

Step-by-step process to share Amazon Cart

First of all, you will have to open Share A Cart on your browser. Multiple options will appear. You have to choose Amazon to share an Amazon cart. Here you can install this extension for Chrome. An extension will be installed.

Step 1

Add any item to your Amazon cart

At first, you would have to add a specific item you want to share with someone after you have logged in to the Amazon account. Correct items as well as the correct amount must be considered before adding to the cart. 

Step 2

Cart ID generation

After you have confirmed the right item you may click the extension or plugin. Here you are provided with the option to generate the ID of the item into the cart. A unique code will be generated.

Step 3

Sharing that generated cart ID

After you have generated that ID, share it with your loved one. You can use any popular messenger app or can send through email as well. To share through any app, tap share. It will be sent to a specified person. 

Step 4

Loading cart by the receipt

When your family member or friend has received the cart ID, he or she has to download the extension in the browser. After ensuring that the cart ID is correct, insert it into the Cart ID field in the extension. It will redirect to the Amazon cart page. 

Using Shopping Cart share Plugin

Shopping Cart Share Plugin is the most used extension. Everyone can use it conveniently. Instead of using the Share A Cart plugin, you can use it for sharing the cart with loved ones.

Step 1 

Install extension;

  • Browse the Shopping Cart Share 
  • Click for the Amazon one
  • Add it to chrome or install it as an extension. 

Step 2

Log in to the Amazon account;

Here you will sign in for your Amazon account. In other cases, you can sign up for an Amazon account if you don’t have one previously.

Step 3

Adding items into the cart;

Add any item which has to be shared. 

Step 4

Share it;

Share it with your loved one so that they can add that item into their Amazon. 

Can I share an Amazon cart on my mobile phone?

Are you thinking about whether you can share an Amazon cart on a mobile phone or not? Don’t worry. Here is your answer. You can share an Amazon cart on your mobile phone as well. The method which you used to share an Amazon cart on the desktop will be employed on the phone. These plugins are available in the play store and apple store. 

There is a slightly different method or tool. As you add it to your cart you will have to check out. After that, you will be provided with the option of Transfer Control of the Cart. You will have to enter the email of the person with whom you want to share the Cart.


You can share an Amazon cart on a desktop as well as on a mobile/smartphone Downloading and using different plugins will help to share the cart with someone you want.


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