Is Albertsons the owner of Subway? (2023)


Different people prefer different stores to do their grocery shopping, but some people like going to whatever store is nearby. If you are one of them and have gone to Albertson’s and Safeway, you might have seen their uncanny resemblance. This could have led you to think that they are the same stores. So, does Albertsons own Safeway? If you’d like to find out, keep reading to find out.

Is Albertsons the owner of Subway?

Yes! Safeway has been owned by Albertsons, which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management, since 2015. As a result, Safeway is indirectly under Cerberus’ control. In 2022, Albertsons will have several banner companies, including Safeway, Von’s, and several other store brands, in addition to Safeway.

Are the Albertsons and Safeway in the same state?

To some extent, Safeway and Albertsons are competitors. Both store brands are available in many of the same states throughout the West and other regions. In California, for example, there are Albertsons and Safeway stores. Other states have similar statistics, but California has the most Safeway and Albertsons locations. However, in any given state, Safeway and Albertsons stores are in different general areas.

Which Other Companies Are Related to Albertsons and Safeway?

Aside from Safeway, Albertsons has several other stores considered banner stores. These are some examples:

  • Von’s- a popular grocery store in Southern California and Southern Nevada, Von’s is the face of the Albertsons brand.
  • Jewel-Osco is a Chicago-based retailer with locations in Indiana and Iowa.
  • Acme is an Albertsons store that is mostly found in New England.
  • Tom Thumb- this store banner is popular in Texas, particularly in Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • Randalls is also in Texas, but it is closer to Houston.
  • United Supermarkets- this brand can also be found in Texas Pavilions- another California grocery store
  • Star Market is a store located in Massachusetts.
  • Haggen- This grocery store banner can be found in Washington, Oregon, and other nearby states.
  • Carrs is a chain of grocery stores with locations throughout Alaska and the upper Midwest.
  • Kings Food Markets- these can also be found in New England.
  • Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market is a chain in New England and the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Some of these stores only have a few locations, whereas others have dozens if not hundreds.
  • Most of these stores began as independent businesses before being acquired by the Albertsons Companies.

How many Safeway stores does the U.S. have?

According to publicly available data, there are over nine hundred Safeway locations in the United States. 

How many Safeway stores does Canada have?

There are several Safeway grocery stores in Canada. There are around 135 Safeway locations in Canada.

How many Safeway stores are present throughout the globe?

There are at least 1004 Safeway stores in total (as the number may change if new stores 

open or close).

How many Albertsons stores are present throughout the globe?

Albertsons has a total of 2,253 locations. Aside from Safeway, Albertsons Company INC operates several banner stores. 

Does Albertsons own Canada’s Safeway?


Who owns Canada’s Safeway stores?

Safeway operates in both the United States and Canada. On the other hand, Albertsons does not own the Canadian Safeway stores. Instead, Canadian supermarket Sobeys has owned the Canadian Safeway stores since 2013.

Is it possible to use an Albertson’s gift card at Safeway?

Because Safeway and Albertsons are so closely related, questions about using gift cards from one or the other may arise. Suppose you’re wondering whether you can use an Albertson’s gift card to Safeway. In that case, yes, you can use a Safeway gift card at Albertsons and vice versa. Aside from that, any gift card from the Albertson store family can be used at other affiliated stores. This is useful to know, especially if you travel and have a gift card from one of Albertsons’ other grocery stores.


Albertsons is a major grocery store chain in the United States. Cerberus Capital Management owns Albertsons and operates several banner stores, including Safeway and several other store names. Safeway and Albertsons are found in many of the same states throughout the Western and Southern United States, and gift cards for one can be used at the other. However, Safeway is also present in Canada, where Sobeys owns it.


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