Is Costco Gas Good? 8 Reasons Why Choose Costco Gas (2022)

Is Costco Gas Good
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Costco has fierce loyalty and reliability from millions of customers. Costco has several gas stations throughout the country where there are long lines for fill-ups. With rising prices of gas, you must have heard that you can save money by buying Gas at the top-tier Costco gasoline stations. Gas at Costco is priced lower than at any other gas station near it. Although it has several benefits, it might not be the best place to get a fill-up for your vehicle.

Is Costco gas good?

Costco is a high-tier gas station. It provides high-quality gasoline at low prices compared to other nearby stations. If you have a Costco gas station near you, you can avail the benefits of its low prices. In case you drive most frequently, then it is better to pay for the membership program. Besides all these benefits there is some area that needs consideration before visiting Costco gas stations.

Costco gas low prices;

On average Costco sells gas 21% less than the major competitors ahead of it. Its lower prices are confirmed by the Oil Price Information Service. 

According to, Costco gas has a per-gallon price of $3.17, which is the average price because it’s certainly not the cheapest.

With lower gas prices, Costco has relatively low-profit leeways from gas stations which Costco has reported. However, their gas stations provide Costco with an unprecedented advantage of driving the sales of its warehouses.

Membership is required to buy Costco gas;

One of the most important things before buying Costco gas is to know the essentiality of paying for its annual membership program. 

Most often you can not get gas until you are a Costco member. For instance, you would not cover the membership cost until you get 37.7 fill-ups with a car having a 60-gallon tank. In other cases when you drive less than the gas spend on average 35 fill-ups per year and spend $60 on the membership, there is hope that you are at a loss.  In this case, Costco is not necessarily the best choice to get gas 

Cost of Costco gas and payment method;

As learned earlier that Costco has lower prices for gas as compared to other competitors. According to CNN, you can save up to 20% by purchasing gas from Costco. 

You must be well aware of the fact that Costco gas station does not accept cash for purchasing gas. For that, you have to go through the humdrum step of getting a Costco cash card from the Costco store. It takes a visa credit card as the payment method. Other credit cards are not accepted at the Costco gas station.

Dreary wait in the long lines at Costco gas station;

In this life of hustle and bustle, no one wants to waste one’s time waiting to get his vehicle filled up with gas. Despite being a member of Costco and getting lower prices, consumers have to wait a long time before getting their cars filled up with gas. 

Quality of Costco gas;

Costco gets its gas from significant refineries and distributors. Whosoever are those distributors, it ensures top quality gasoline for its customers. 

An online report suggests that 91% of the added gasoline does not contain ethanol. On the other hand, Costco Kirkland gasoline contains 10% ethanol for energy independence. This gas also contains detergent additives.

Costco Premium gas Vs Regular  Kirkland signature gasoline;

Costco ensures highly quality gas at its gas station. You can use Costco premium or regular Kirkland signature gasoline for your car. The difference is the octane number. You can use any of them for the safety of your car’s engine.

Costco Gas station competitors;

Costco meets the US standard of additive requirements. 

It does not have – a full rack like Shell. It adds more fuel on site which proves to be economical, this is also different from other competitors like Mobil, Shell, Exxon, etc.


Costco claims top-tier gasoline. It has a membership benefit for its consumers. They can pay to get gas at low prices. There are some pros and cons of the Costco gas station. You have to pay a membership fee and wait for hours to get fill-ups for your car.


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