Lowe’s bereavement policy (2023)


Most businesses have a policy that allows employees to take time off when a family member or loved one dies. Because no law in the United States governs bereavement policies, each employer’s approach will be unique. If you’re one of Lowe’s 300,000 employees, you might be curious about their mourning policy.

What is Lowe’s bereavement policy?

As of 2022, Lowe’s provides bereavement leave to all employees. This includes three days off for losing a close relative and one day off for extended relatives. Employees are entitled to three paid days off for bereavement each calendar year, not per bereavement.

Continue reading to learn more about Lowe’s bereavement policy, including how you will be compensated and whether you must submit proof.

Is there paid bereavement leave at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s employees are entitled to three paid days off for the death of an immediate family member and one paid day off for the end of an extended family member. Your salary will be determined by whether you are a full-time, part-time, or seasonal team member, the number of hours you missed, and your pay rate.

How do I apply for Lowe’s bereavement leave?

You should first consult with the store manager when you need to obtain bereavement leave from Lowe’s due to a loss. If you cannot submit the request in advance, you can still receive the break if you send it to Lowe’s by noon on Monday of the pay run week.

Your team manager will analyze your request and transmit it to the appropriate human resource department.

In Lowe’s bereavement policy, who is considered an immediate family member?

After losing an immediate family member, Lowe’s provides three days of compassionate leave.

Immediate family members include:

  1. Parents, stepparents, adopted parents, and in-laws
  2. Children (including stepchildren and foster children)
  3. Spouses
  4. Grandparents
  5. Siblings, step-siblings, and half-siblings
  6. Grandchildren

Lowe’s may also provide compassionate leave for close friends. However, it is up to the individual store manager to determine whether or not bereavement leave will be granted and how many days will be granted.

Is Lowe’s compelled by law to provide employees with bereavement leave?

Lowe’s does provide paid bereavement leave, although they are not legally required to do so. While other countries have legislation governing bereavement policies, the United States does not. However, most firms provide 1-3 days of bereavement leave.

Oregon is the only state that compels employers with more than 25 employees to provide bereavement leave by law. As a larger organization, Lowe’s stores in Oregon must provide all employees with three days of paid bereavement leave.

Do I need to submit proof of grief as a Lowe’s employee?

Lowe’s, like all employers, reserves the right to request proof of death for bereavement leave. This could be a local newspaper obituary, a funeral program, or a copy of the death certificate.

Can I extend bereavement leave at Lowe’s?

After the death of a family member, you may require more time off than the three days offered by Lowe’s. It is up to the store manager whether or not an employee’s three paid days off for bereavement can be extended.

However, anything after the first three days may not be paid or protected.

Can my Lowe’s bereavement leave be extended if my immediate family member dies?

In general, the corporation provides three days of paid leave to employees if a family member or acquaintance of the employee dies. However, according to their policy, this bereavement vacation can be extended to seven days in select extraordinary instances. However, this is usually done when a spouse, foster parent, blood child, adopted kid, or legal guardian dies.

How Many Times Can You Use Lowe’s Bereavement Leave?

Lowe’s employees are given three paid days off every calendar year rather than for each bereavement. Employees who require longer time off for grief than Lowe’s can ask their manager for an extension or use their vacation time.

What exactly is Lowe’s Employee Relief Fund?

The Lowe’s Employee Relief Fund is a program that assists employees in dealing with unanticipated financial challenges that affect their families. Unexpected troubles that LERF can help with include the death of an acquaintance or family member, medical bills, and expenses incurred from natural disasters such as floods and other natural disasters.

Lowe’s associates contribute to the Relief Fund, and Lowe’s will match them dollar for dollar. Lowe’s Employee Relief Fund has aided over 33,000 Lowe’s employees with over $39 million in its 20 years of existence.


No law in the United States governs compassionate leave; it is entirely up to the employer. Employees at Lowe’s are entitled to three days of paid leave following the loss of an immediate family member and one day following the death of an extended family member.


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