Macdonald’s Bereavement Policy 2023


One American-based multinational fast food retailer chain has been serving millions of people with evolving and balanced food categories named Macdonald. As of 2022, more than 11.26 million employees are connected with Macdonald’s. These employees work efficiently in 40,031 locations in more than 119 countries worldwide. These employees get several benefits from the store. Here we are investigating whether Macdonald’s reserve bereavement leaves for its workers. We will learn more about the employee’s related queries.

Macdonald’s Bereavement Leave Policy

At first, you learned that Macdonald’s has yet to introduce bereavement leave as of 2022 officially. From Macdonald’s side, it has not authorized this leave. But occasionally, the store’s management is humane in this matter and allows you bereavement leave. You can converse with the managerial staff and tell them about the person and your relation to let you get off time. Moreover, donating is another way to help and assist with a GoFundMe account.

Bereavement Leave 

Bereavement leave is a leave in which an employee wants time off at the death of an immediate family member. When someone from an immediate family member dies, employees must take a leave from the company to attend the burial and do other obligations so that they can mourn over their family member’s death.

Federal Laws Regarding Bereavement Leave 

Whenever you need a bereavement leave but the company is not authorized to do so, you can search for a bereavement leave policy for the region in which you are living. In the United States, there is not any law regarding bereavement leave. It depends on the company and organization. So what to do in this case? Just conversate with your manager or supervisor. Of course, they are lenient on this occasion and understand the situation. So they allow you bereavement leave at Macdonald’s.

For How long are you given bereavement leave?

Although the standard time is 3 to 7 days, it varies from organization to organization and its rules. It also depends on the relationship with the bereaved person. At Macdonald’s, you are given a maximum of three days for leave.

 Whether the Bereavement leave is compensated at Macdonald’s or not!

This question might be raised in your mind. Most companies and retailers provide paid Bereavement Leave to their employees. In the case of Macdonald’s, you are on unpaid leave. The company is not responsible for compensating you. How much time you take to rest at a family member’s death will be due. In other cases, if you have unused paid time off, you can utilize that time. You can get two weeks of paid time off working at Macdonald’s for six months. This paid time can be incurred for many other reasons, including bereavement leave.

Documentation at the Bereavement Leave

For not having official bereavement leave at all, Macdonald’s has not set any terms and conditions for taking a break. They still need to provide data regarding the documentation for taking Bereavement Leave. That is why consulting your manager or supervisor will be enough to know the policy here. Sometimes they ask you to provide a death certificate. Sometimes you must sign a written document or application where your Bereavement Leave period is mentioned.

Possible Bereavement Leave Denial and Solutions

As there is no policy regarding bereavement leave, there is always a possibility that your request can be denied. They can refuse to give you a bereavement leave. So what to do in this case? It is suggested to use PTOs as Macdonald’s gives two weeks of paid time off for employees working for the last six months. If your PTOs are still available, you can use them to get a bereavement leave. You are conversing with the manager to get time off for the death of a loved one. 


Macdonald’s has yet to initiate any Bereavement policy. But still, you can get Bereavement leave by explaining your situation and relation with the deceased. Sometimes you have to submit documents at the demand of the manager. Employees at Macdonald’s are still able to get bereavement leave.


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