Meijer’s employee bereavement policy (2023)


The death of a loved one is the last thing anyone wants to consider. However, grief occurs when you least expect it, so it is critical to consider whether your prospective employer has a bereavement policy. If you work at Meijer or are interested in working there, here is everything you need to know about the company’s bereavement policy.

What is Meijer’s employee bereavement policy?

Meijer’s bereavement policy includes a leave program for employees who have worked for over three months. The paid leave days range from one to three, depending on the employee’s relationship with the deceased. If employees require more days, their immediate supervisor will grant them without pay.

What counts as an eligible employee for bereavement leave at Meijer?

Meijer’s bereavement policy is granted to eligible employees based on their relationship to the deceased. An eligible employee has worked at Meijer for at least 90 days.

Is the leave granted as soon as possible?

Yes! The supervisor or manager will grant the leave as soon as possible. If an employee requires additional leave days beyond the specified number, the supervisor may give them, but they will be unpaid. 

What happens when an employee learns of the death of a core family member while at work?

If an employee learns of the death of a core family member while at work, they are entitled to a day off with immediate effect.

In that case, they will be paid for the hours worked that day, which do not count toward the bereavement leave days.

The fringe day amount is paid for each bereavement leave day. As a result, it is calculated by dividing the employee’s active service hours by 52, then dividing by five days and multiplying by the employee’s pay rate.

Is Meijer providing bereavement leave to its employees?

Meijer provides bereavement leave to eligible employees. The leave allows the employee to be absent on paid leave at the following times:

How long does a bereavement leave last if the death is of a close family member?

Employees at Meijer are entitled to a three-day paid leave after the death of a close family member. 

What counts as a close family member at Meijer?

The core family member is your spouse, parent, or child.

Is the grief left the same for everyone’s death?

No! Bereavement leave is two days if the deceased is the employee’s brother, sister, stepparent, your spouse’s parent, or child. If the deceased is a grandchild, grandparent, brother, or sister to the employee’s spouse, they will be granted one day of leave.

Will Meijer Provide Paid To Attend A Friend’s Burial?

Employees at Meijer are not given paid time off to attend a friend’s funeral. However, if you have yet to use up your ten days of paid time off for the year, you can request some time off. If that is not an option, you can ask your boss for permission to attend the burial without pay.

Will Meijer pay surviving spouses pre-retirement death benefits?

Yes! If a Meijer employee dies before receiving their pension, the surviving spouse is entitled to receive it from Meijer. All you have to do is meet any of the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of ten years of vested service at Meijer.
  • Have at least five vested years
  • In addition, the surviving spouse receives 50% of your benefits and 50% of the survivor annuity.
  • To be eligible for a 100% survivor annuity, the deceased must have worked for Meijer at their death and reached early retirement age.

Is Meijer offering any death benefits?

No! Unfortunately, Meijer does not currently provide any death benefits. In the event of an employee’s death, the beneficiaries are entitled to scholarships and pensions.¬†On the other hand, children of former Meijer employees can benefit from the Scholarships, while spouses can benefit from the deceased pension plan. Except if you began receiving your pension after 2002, the beneficiary of your pension can receive the death benefits in a lump sum.

Is Meijer providing lump-sum death benefits?

If the monthly benefits are less than $5000, Meijer may offer a lump-sum death benefit to the surviving spouse. If the monthly benefits exceed $5000 but do not exceed $15000, the spouse may request a lump sum rather than receiving the amount monthly. However, payments above $15000 cannot be made in one lump sum.

Does bereavement leave count as work time for overtime compensation purposes?

No! It is important to note that bereavement leave does not count as work time for overtime compensation purposes.


Finally, Meijer has a bereavement policy for its employees. It also specifies the days the affected employee can take paid leave depending on their relationship with the deceased. Additional leave days may be granted upon request, but the employee is not compensated for the extra days. Furthermore, bereavement leave is only available to family members, not friends.


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