Publix Bereavement Policy (2023)


If you work at Publix and a family member or friend passes away, you might be curious about the company’s bereavement policy and whether time off is permitted to deal with your loss. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the Publix bereavement policy, including who is eligible for time off.

What is the Publix Bereavement Policy?

As of 2022, according to Publix’s bereavement policy, full-time employees will receive at least three paid days off to cope with the loss. You can still get compensated if more time is required by using vacation or sick days. Part-time workers are not entitled to bereavement leave, although managers will try to give them one day off.

Does Publix Pay For Bereavement Leave?

Yes, Publix does cover funeral expenses, but only for people who work full-time. Therefore, even if you are a brother or parent of the deceased, you won’t receive payment for bereavement leave if you don’t work at Publix full-time.

How Many Days Do You Get For Bereavement At Publix?

For full-time workers who need time off to grieve the loss of a loved one, Publix provides three days of paid absence. You will only get paid for the days off if you’ve previously asked for a leave of absence for another reason or are scheduled to work those three days. However, you must have a planned shift to receive payment for the three days off for bereavement. Therefore, you will receive compensation for two days if you previously had one day off.

Does Publix Provide Bereavement Leave To Employees For Any Family Member Or Friend?

Unfortunately, Publix only offers paid bereavement leave if the deceased was a member of the employee’s immediate family. In that case, live-in relatives or close friends are included in the definition of immediate family, along with spouses, siblings, children, parents, and grandparents. It’s crucial to talk with your manager because they can grant time off for mourning, even if the deceased wasn’t a close relative.

Does Publix Allow Bereavement Leave Longer Than Three Days?

In some circumstances, you’ll be able to take extended leaves of absence for grieving. However, you will likely be paid for additional days if you use vacation or sick days to make up the time. Additionally, using accrued vacation or sick days for bereavement is helpful if you travel out of state and don’t want to lose out on pay.

Is There A Law That Requires Publix To Offer Bereavement Leave?

As bereavement leave is not mandated by federal law in the United States, it is more commonly regarded as a considerate act by employers. Furthermore, no employer or manager is required to give employees time off for bereavement leave, but most will because it’s the kind of thing to do during a difficult time.

Can Part-Time Publix Employees Take Bereavement Leave?

Unfortunately, part-time workers are not entitled to three days’ regular paid bereavement leave. That doesn’t preclude them from being able to leave for funerals or other occasions, though. If you are a Publix part-time employee, you should speak with your management as soon as you learn about the death and when funeral arrangements are established. Nevertheless, since that benefit is only available to full-time employees, most managers or supervisors are ready to provide the part-time employee one or two days off; however, those days will not be compensated.

Who Else Can Part-Time Publix Employees Talk About Bereavement Leave?

Let’s say the part-time worker is still looking for a way to get through with the manager. If there is a problem, Publix offers a Retail Associate Relations Specialist who can help. The break room also has the contact information for the Retail Associate Relations Specialist, who is an excellent resource to use if issues develop and an employee needs an advocate.

Does Publix Require Death Notices Or Death Certificates For Bereavement Leave?

There is no set policy at Publix regarding the documentation requirements, if any, for bereavement leave. Most businesses adopt an honesty policy, which may differ based on the retailer and manager. Therefore, finding out if any supporting paperwork is needed is crucial. The most typical proof of death documents also includes daily death notices and announcements from the neighborhood, internet obituaries, or death certificates. A helpful way to confirm the death, if necessary, is to consult the announcement of the celebration of life that can be found at the funeral.


Only full-time employees are covered by the Publix bereavement policy, which provides them with three days of paid time off. Nevertheless, extra paid time off may be taken using accrued vacation or sick leave. Unfortunately, grieving part-time employees are not entitled to paid time off. Still, most supervisors will negotiate with the employee to provide at least one day off for bereavement. Furthermore, Publix does not have a defined policy demanding documents for verification purposes, but it is a good idea to have an obituary of the deceased, just in case.


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