Rite Aid’s bereavement policy (2023)


While you might want to avoid considering a company’s bereavement policy when looking for jobs, you’ll be glad you did later. You don’t need grief unless you need it. The bereavement policy at Rite Aid isn’t apparent. Nevertheless, we’ll clarify it below; read on for more information!

What is Rite Aid’s bereavement policy? 

According to Rite Aid’s official policy, an employee may receive one to three days off in 2022, depending on their position and their deceased relative. However, you must be eligible for benefits to receive grief, and the store manager generally determines what you get. Unionized stores are the lone exception, and they have their contract.

What includes Rite Aid’s bereavement policy?

Rite Aid’s bereavement policy often hinges on your eligibility, which changes depending on several reasons. For instance, your position and how close the family member was to you count.

What would happen if you don’t qualify for PTO?

You won’t be eligible for bereavement leave if you don’t qualify for PTO. This benefit is only available to full-time employees who meet other business benefits requirements.

Is the store manager a factor in getting bereavement leave?

The store manager is also a factor because they are the ones that approve the time. You will often receive a maximum of three days. However, depending on the relative’s proximity, your manager might give you even less. For instance, your chances of receiving the entire three days increase significantly if the deceased person is a close relative rather than a distant cousin. You might not have time if the family memes were distant regarding a relationship.

Does Rite Aid require a death certificate?

Typically, the business doesn’t demand documentation of the decedent’s passing. Some store managers, nevertheless, might ask for this data. If so, you’ll need to offer a death certificate. However, some people would accept a link to their obituary instead.

Are you entitled to time off for bereavement?

There isn’t a set amount of time off that bereavement requires in the US. Companies are free to choose to give you no days at all.

Who is qualified for bereavement leaves?

However, certain people are qualified for parental grief, which the government requires if their child dies. Specific Rite Aid locations are unionized. If so, mourning days are frequently included in the union contract. You should speak with a union representative if your management doesn’t give you these days because you are entitled to them.

Who else can employees speak to about bereavement leave?

You should speak with a union representative if your management doesn’t give you these days because you are entitled to them. The firm does not have to give you any bereavement benefits if you work somewhere that is not unionized and are a union member.

Does that include an immediate relative for bereavement?

You will probably be granted more mourning days if your close relative passes away than if they were a distant family. Some Rite Aid locations wouldn’t offer any grieving services unless the loss happened to a close family member.

What counts as immediate bereavement?

Different definitions of instant exist. It’s typically someone who is “directly” related to you. This includes grandparents, children, siblings, parents, and legal guardians. However, this category also contains nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles. These classifications are not absolutes. Even if the deceased wasn’t your close relative, you might often be offered grief services. Even though there was no formal relationship, the passing of a close foster parent may be considered a bereavement. Therefore, it is essential to discuss your specific circumstances with your management.


Rite Aid offers typically qualifying employees one to three days of bereavement leave. However, the store manager, who has the final say on bereavement lengths and qualifications, mainly relies on this guideline. As a result, what you get may vary depending on where you are. In this situation, some store managers can be more generous than others.


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