Target Diaper Return Policy: Receipt or without Receipt? 2022

Target Diaper Return Policy
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Target multi-departmental superstore. It has been selling food, clothing, home accessories, and all the things you need. Target offers various services to its customers. But sometimes when a person is unsatisfied with the purchase, Target has an adaptable policy to fetch it back. It has introduced a much more profitable Return Policy for those products which are purchased through its stores.

If a person has purchased the wrong size product, or his purchased item does not match with the description provided, he is free to return it. Walmart has introduced a 90-day return policy for most of the store items. In the case of electronics or some other appliances, it has a 30-day return policy. That person has to bring the item in good condition, in original packaging and receipt. He can get a refund or exchange.

Target Diaper Return and Exchange Policy:

Sometimes you visit Target and buy items for yourself and your family. Here arises a possibility of the wrong selection of an item. That item can be anything. It can be a diaper for your kid. What to do in this case? Does Walmart have any policy to return the diaper? 

The answer to your question is yes. Target has a return and exchange policy even for diapers. The only thing is to go to the store and return the diapers in their original packaging within the specified limit.

For how much time Target Diapers’ return policy is valid?

The Target policy to return or exchange a diaper is valid for 90 days. You can visit the store and explain it to the customer service desk. You can visit the store during working hours. For being eligible for the policy you have to abide by its 90-day limit.

Where to return the Diapers?

You can return diapers purchased in-store or online. For those diapers which were purchased in-store, go to the store. Show them a receipt and return their diapers in a good condition. These diapers must be unused. You can get a refund or can claim an exchange. If diapers were purchased online. You can seek them online by sending diapers with the help of mail.

Does Target accept diapers without a receipt?

Although receipt of the item carries details of your purchase. You will face trouble if you lose your receipt. You can visit the store. Return diapers in original packaging. Bring your ID with you. They will match your data with the one in their record. After confirmation, you will be able to get a refund. The refund will be in the form of Target Gift Cards.

If you ordered diapers online, they will refund you if you have bought them with the following payment methods.

  • Target Redcard
  • Visa MasterCard 
  • Amex
  • Discover card
  • Target gift card etc.

Can diapers be exchanged?

Yes, you can exchange them with any of the other diapers. The Target return policy for diapers is the same as its exchange policy. You just have to bring them back within 90 days to get them exchanged.

Why do you need to return diapers?

There are multiple reasons to return the diapers to Target. Changing a new brand may affect the child’s skin. In case those diapers should be returned. If the size does not fit the child, there is a need to return it. In some cases you are not happy with the diapers you purchased, you have the opportunity to get them back. 

On which brands Target diapers’ return and exchange policy is valid?

This policy is applied to all types of diapers bought from Target. They may include Target’s own brand. They might be Pampers, Huggies, Luv, etc.

Target accepts the return of diapers. Bring them in their original condition. They must not be opened.

How to return opened diapers?

Different cases were reported at different times. But most usually Target does not accept opened diapers even if you bring them in at a valid time. This helps to protect those customers who will buy them in the future to help them avoid germs and infection.

What type of return Target does not accept?

Target does accept returns for most of the items. But it does not accept returns if the product is damaged. sports cards opened music, video games and software and feminine hygienic products, and many more can’t be returned once opened.


Target has a very flexible policy regarding the return and exchange of diapers. You have to bring them back to the store within 90 days of purchase. In case you lost the receipt, you may bring your legal ID with you for verification purposes. You can get a refund or you can exchange them for any brand available at the Target store. Open diapers can’t be returned to the store for hygiene.


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