Target Dress Code Policy: Explained (2022)

Target Dress Code Policy
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The dress code shows professionalism and one’s dedication towards work and job. It helps to present a professional and trustworthy image of the brand, store, icon, or any institution. To boost the impression of the store, a dress code is set for the workers. The dress code helps in brand awareness.

As of June 2002, Target requires its employees to dress up according to the Target dress Policy. It requires employees to wear a red shirt. Now it is also suggested to wear blue or khaki pants or a skirt with a red shirt. Retail and warehouse employees and those working in corporate positions are required to follow Target’s dress code in the year 2022.

Target Dress Code Policy 2022

Target requires employees to wear red shirts. They can wear blue or khaki pants. This color depends on the employees. Some stores allow you to wear jeans as well. Blue or khaki pants are encouraged, the same is the case with skirts as well. 

You can even wear pants and jeans in dark colors.

The shirt may be in the form of a hoodie, sweater or polo, etc. It also allows employees to have unique fashion styles like hair color etc.

Does Target have a uniform?

Although Target has a dress code you must have to wear a red shirt along with pants or a skirt of blue or khaki, but it is not categorized as a uniform. We can’t say that Target has uniforms for its employees, rather it follows a dress code. As discussed earlier, wearing a red shirt is necessary. Along with a red shirt, you have to wear blue or khaki pants.

Darker colors of pants are also acceptable at Target.

What type of red shirt is allowed at Target?

One of the things employees must consider is the red shirt. It is the most important part of the dress code policy at Target stores. Employees have to wear fully red shirts. It must not include any type of design or log of any company. Hoodies, sweaters, or T-shirts can be worn at Walmart in red color. These must follow the Target policy of dress code.

Can I wear jeans at Target store as an employee?

According to Target’s standard policy for dress code, you are not allowed to wear jeans at the store as an employee.  But it has been noted in some stores that employees wear jeans. So if you want to wear jeans along with a red shirt, you may consult the manager or supervisor of the store. There is a possibility that he allows you. Wearing jeans at the store may vary at different locations. It depends on the supervision of the store.

You can also wear jeans in dark colors.

Does Target allow hoodies to wear at stores?

The Target dress code in 2022 permits employees to wear a hoodie. As usual, it must be fully red. You must wear it according to the temperature to prevent any type of trouble to you as it may provoke impediment in your duty at the store.

Does Target have a rigid dress-up code?

Although it has a specific dress code, you are exhorted to come in a presentable style. It authorizes wearing different types of shirts. You have to kowtow with the red color. It also doesn’t outlaw other fashion styles. So we can say Target doesn’t have a stringent dress code policy. Moreover, it also relies on the store as well. They can regulate this policy according to their ease.

What types of shoes are allowed at Target?

In the Target dress code policy, there aren’t any restrictions for shoes. You are allowed to wear heels, sendal, open shoes, sneakers, boots or any type you want. But when it comes to duties, vigilance, performance, and customer service you must have to wear a comfortable dress whether it is jeans or shoes. You must be active and not face any discomfort and uneasiness while serving customers.

Does Target allow another unique ensemble?

Target’s dress code policy is not very harsh. You can dye your hair any color. You can paint your nails with gel or acrylic. Target encourages different fashion styles of employees. The “Be you” policy is commemorated by Target. Wearing earrings, lockets, bracelets, or rings is not prohibited.

Does Target force you to shave your beard?

It is one of the questions most people ask. Target does not force its employees to shave their beards. You can come in a way, which gives you comfort. It does not even discriminate against employees based on caste creed or religion.

Although in case you are dealing with food items, you must appropriately cover yourself for hygiene.

Does Target allow Tattoos?

One of the things which were seen at the Target stores is that its employees are having tattoos. Target thus allows its employees to have tattoos on their skin wherever they want. You can have tattoos if you are working in Target stores.

What type of dress should I wear at the Target interview?

As it is custom and thus suggested to wear a smart outfit. You dress and present yourself. It shows your professionalism and smartness. You may be going for Target’s interview, although any type of formal dress is allowed, you should wear a red shirt with blue or khaki pants to show your enthusiasm for becoming a part of Target. It will also put a positive impression on the interviewer.


Target has a dress policy according to which wearing an entirely red shirt is necessary. You can wear a hoodie or t-shirt according to your ease. It does not discourage the fashion styles of employees for wearing earrings, having tattoos, painting nails, and others. You can wear shoes of any type but these must not create hindrance in your tread. Target allows you to dye your hair with any color. It has an incredibly practical dress code policy.


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