Target Makeup Return Policy: Explained 2022

Target Makeup Return Policy

Have you ever purchased a cosmetic item from Target and later realized that you bought the wrong product? You must know their return policy to return the items to the departmental store. This article will tell you all about the return policies of cosmetic items at Target. 

What is Target’s makeup return policy?

Target’s return policy is quite remarkable. The store lets you return any items, even if they are opened or unopened, within 90 days of purchase with a receipt. If you bought the items with a Target RedCard, you could return them within 120 days, or if you purchased items from a Target-owned brand, you could return them up to one year later.

What Happens if You Don’t Return the Items on Time?

Target will refuse to accept your return if the return period has expired. At the discretion of the store manager, you may still be able to exchange the items you’re unhappy with.

You can return makeup after 90 days, but you won’t get a full refund. Target will give you a gift card for the equivalent of the lowest price on the products, which you can only use in-store. 

Can You Return Unpacked Makeup to Target?

Yes! Customers could return opened and slightly used beauty products to Target within 90 days of purchase or 120 days if the purchase was made with a Target RedCard. The company does not accept empty packages or products that have been fully used.

Does Target accept defective items?

Yes! The Target beauty return policy also covers defective items like dried makeup, but only if you have the original receipt. If the items you want to return are entirely damaged, you may be denied a refund or exchange.

Can You Return Beauty Products to Target Without a Receipt?

Yes! You can return makeup to Target without a receipt if you have alternative proof of purchase. The target could locate your order online if you paid with a Target REDcard, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, personal check, or Target gift card.

Can you return cash-paid products at Target without a receipt? 

No! Sadly you can not return items purchased with cash without a receipt, as the receipt is the only way to track cash purchases. On the other hand, if you brought the things online, you can access the digital barcode or receipt from your account to verify your purchase.

Can You Return Used Cosmetics To Target?

Yes! You can return opened and lightly used makeup items to Target with the original receipt within 90 days. The standard Target return policy also applies to defective products like dried-out makeup, which means you have 90 days to return it with the original receipt.

When does Target not return items?

Target will not accept returns or exchanges on empty or fully-used makeup products. Makeup items that are completely damaged or do not come with a receipt may be denied a refund or exchange at Target because the decision is ultimately left to the store manager’s prerogative.

How can you return makeup purchased on

Makeup purchased on can be returned to any store with the receipt, the barcode found in the Target app, the Target delivery or shipping confirmation email, or the original form of payment as proof of purchase. Additionally, makeup can be mailed to the Target Online Returns center via, but return shipping fees must be paid unless Target makes an error during shipping.

What Can You Do if Target Denies Your Return?

Some Target items have a modified return policy that may impact your refund request. In these cases, you will receive an email explaining why your article was declined. Some of the reasons might include returning the item past its refund time, the object being damaged, or the thing being overused. Another reason might be that the online return center could not find the order number or any additional information regarding the order. 

What Types of Makeup Does Target Sell?

Target sells Target-owned and third-party-owned makeup products. Some notable brands it sells are Burt’s Bees, Chapstick, COVERGIRL, Disney, e.l.f., etc. 

Does Target Sell Good Makeup?

Yes! Target sells good quality makeup.


Target’s cosmetic items are easy to return as long as they are not entirely damaged and you have a receipt. 


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