Target Shipt Free Trial: Is it Available for Circle Members? 2022

Target Shipt Free Trial: Is it Available for Circle Members? 2022
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Companies are introducing new ways to help customers purchase online without leaving their homes. These strategies have revolutionized buying online. These strategies assure more transactions across the platform. Many companies have made it easier to shop from home. These customers are provided what they demand without disrupting the daily tough routine of their life. 

Target has been working on its eCommerce website It either ships to the nearby locations of the customers or sends it to their homes at a specified time. Besides these, it incorporated itself with other companies to help enhance the shopping experience of the customers. What strategy has it employed to boost its transaction? How does it serve effectively through shifting? Does Target give a free Shipt Trial? 

Target Shipt Free Trial:

Target had been procuring a free Shipt Trial for new customers. But it has ended up in 2021 to provide a free trial. That means you are unable to get a free Shipt Trial.

Shipt is a private company. Walmart owned it a few years ago. The main purpose of this service is to ensure delivery of the order within the same day. It delivers products from varied types of stores and retailers.

A customer can get an annual membership. In case, he does not want to pay annually, he can also pay per month to Target for using this service. A more convenient way is also offered to customers. Without membership, this service can also be used by customers. In case a customer has to pay for that order he delivers from Shipt Service. Before Target has been giving free trials to customers but now it has stopped that process. Let’s dive into the details.

How did the Target Shipt Free trial work?

As Target is not providing this facility to the customers now, but before 2021 it was giving Target Shipt Free Trial to customers. Now they can use the service by paying for its charges

Target Shipt Free Trial for Circle members:

Target Circle members were able to utilize this service for 6 months. If they order more than $35 digitally, Target provides them with orders free of cost. In this way, when this policy was valid, circle members were eligible to get a 6-month free Trial.

  • Heading toward your Target circle account.
  • You have to search for Shipt offers
  • Save those offers
  • You can start a free Shipt Trial by ordering a product.

Target Shipt Free Trial for non-members:

According to the policy, Target used to provide a 4-week free trial to those customers who were not subscribed to this Shipting service. 

How much does a subscription for Shipt Service cost?

Although Target has not given a free trial, you can be a part of its membership through a subscription to the service.

  • By paying an annual fee, you can be a member of the service.
  • For an annual membership, a member has to pay $99. Through this membership, a customer can experience unlimited same-day delivery throughout the year.
  • Purchase of $35 more than it cost you no delivery charges. You can also sign up for a monthly subscription by paying $10.99 per month.
  • On the other hand, if you are unwilling to subscribe to this offer, you can use this service whenever you want. 
  • Non-members can get same-day delivery for their orders. They have to pay $9.99 for each order.

How to become a Target Circle Member? 

Becoming a Target’s Circle member helps to invite different deals, perks, and discounts. You can make an account in the Target app. You can create it at any time. You can register for this free-of-cost service by providing basic personal information and email address etc. 

Can the Target Shipt Free Trial be canceled?

If you were a member before 2021, you would have an option to cancel it at any time. Target Shipt Free Trial could be canceled at any time. The purpose might be to avoid any cost upon membership.

Target Shipt service subscription can be canceled at any time. You can cancel it through the Target app. You can also contact them to cancel it for you.

What is the advantage of Target Shipt’s service?

The same-day delivery is the most amazing benefit of this service. As sometimes orders are delayed which causes stress. So the item which you want urgently can be ordered through this service. This may help you to save time. If the worth of the products is $35, you can get free delivery. This will save you money as well. You have to pay only a subscription fee. In case your order is less than $35, you will be charged $7, despite having a membership.

Can all items be delivered by Target Shipt Service?

Before ordering any product you must consider its eligibility whether it qualifies for Shipt service or not. This is so because all items are not delivered through this service. Only groceries, babies and baths, toys, pets, food, and beauty products can be delivered by this service. You can check the product while ordering for further assistance.

Does Shipt only deliver Target’s inventory?

No. Besides owing Target, it does deliver other retailers’ products as well. You can get same-day delivery from CVS, Petco, and Sephora, etc by utilizing Shipt’s Service.


Target has owned Shipt service since 2017. Initially, it gave a free trial to its new customers. After that, it stopped doing so. Now any customer can utilize this service by subscribing to Target Shipt Service. They are charged up to $9.99 to non-members when they order. Charges for monthly subscriptions are up to $10.99. Annual charges are up to $99. The main benefit of the service is same-day delivery without any delay.


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