Target Shoplifting Policy: What Happens When You Steal from Target?

Target Shoplifting Policy
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Hundreds of customers visit Target stores every day to shop and purchase. Those people who came to steal the merchandise from stores get benefit from the busy schedule of the stores. Target is one of the brands which is at the target of shoplifters. You would not wonder to know that Target has a strict shoplifting policy to tackle these shoplifters. Here are complete details of all the related questions about stealing from Target and its shoplifting policy.

Does Target have a shoplifting policy? 2022

Target has operated a shoplifting policy which is actually a strict policy to deal with shoplifters and it has strong surveillance of the people visiting stores who come to shop or who come to steal. It has employed cameras and surveillance officers to trace shoplifters. It can also file a case against these thieves in case of any dangerous stealth.

What are Target’s Shoplifting strategies?

Besides marketing strategies in the world which the store has employed, it has strategic ways to prevent any damage to its stores.

This leading brand is actively operating against shoplifters. Target has a strong surveillance system to keep an eye on the customer to detect any theft. 

Does Target have CCTV cameras?

Yes, Target has employed cameras in every part of the store from gate to gate and department to department. It is also placed in the parking. Whenever a customer enters the store he is under the observation of the security team. They constantly look at the customers. It helps a great deal to tackle any shoplifting and to prevent any damage to the store. This team remains active while observing the customers.

Does Target have Surveillance teams?

When it comes to the security of the Target stores, it has employed surveillance teams working in the stores. They are known as Target’s Asset Protection Security officers. They keep an eye on the behavior of the customers to avoid any theft. If observed, they trace that person stealing and passing without payment. These officers ask the security guard to stop that person.

Does Target detain a person who is accused of stealing?

If a person is charged with theft he is stopped by the security guards. Security guards are instructed by the surveillance team to stop that person. That person is brought to a specific room for further investigation and searching.

Is a shoplifter searching for stolen merchandise? 

The surveillance team is an expert in its function. They ask a shoplifter to search for the stolen item. But they are not allowed to search personal belongings of the person like a purse etc. He is tried to convince them to leave the stolen item in the store.

Does Target follow a no chase policy?

You will wonder if Target follows this policy. It has employed this policy for the sake of the protection of its other customers and employees. It doesn’t want to harm any of them. Surveillance officers and security guards are not allowed to chase the person if he tries to run from the store.

Does Target fine shoplifters? 

In case a person has stolen a product from Target, it can take some steps to recover the product. But it is not allowed to charge a person with a fine. In case of large merchandise, theft Target can report it to the police to avoid any mishap.

What does Target do with repeated shoplifters?

If a shoplifter is trying to steal the products from the Target stores constantly, he is given space. When a certain amount of loss is recorded a case file is made by Target and submitted to respective officials. It can also report to the police whose role is to recover the stolen products from shoplifters.

Does Target keep a record of Shoplifting? 

Of course, Target captures the images of the shoplifters. It also records the data of that person. If shoplifting reoccurs in the future, it will get evidence from the existing data to investigate further. To prevent any shoplifting it keeps a record of both shoplifters and the products which were stolen by him.


Target does not advertise its shoplifting incident on any social media platforms.

But it was a complete description of Shoplifting at Target and Target’s Shoplifting Policy. It has employed strategies to tackle this threat which include Surveillance teams, cameras and police reports.


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