Target’s bereavement policy 2023 (All you need to Know)


Many businesses know that grief is a tough time for everyone concerned, so they provide customized bereavement leave to assist employees in recovering and surviving their loss. Given that Target employs over 360,000 individuals in the United States, you may be curious about the specifics of Target’s bereavement policy, such as what and who is covered. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far!

What is Target’s bereavement policy? 

As of 2022, Target provides paid and unpaid bereavement leave of up to three days to employees who have lost a loved one for funerals and will readings. This leave is available to employees who work at least 20 hours per week and are past their 90th day of employment.

What is covered by target bereavement leave?

Target bereavement leave can be utilized for various reasons, including death in the family or the end of close friends. You can use your Target bereavement leave to make funerals and other similar preparations for the bereaved and attend funerals or end-of-life ceremonies. Aside from that, Target aids employees who have lost close family members, such as spouses. These operations involve changing recipients for life insurance and other comparable plans and amending their marital status.

How do I apply for target bereavement leave?

When you need to request bereavement leave from work at Target due to a loss, you should ask the store manager first. If you cannot submit the request in advance, you can still receive the leave if you send the bereavement request to Target before noon on Monday of the pay run week.

Your team manager reviews your request and forwards it to the appropriate human resource department.

Who is covered under Target’s bereavement policy?

Target’s bereavement policy is relatively permissive, allowing it to stretch to direct and distant family members, encompassing a wide range of relations. It offers immediate and extended family definitions to help workers understand what benefits they are eligible for during their bereavement leave. The target includes the following relatives in the category of the direct family:

  1. Partners and spouses
  2. Any parent (including step or in-laws)
  3. Children (biological, step, foster, or stillborn)
  4. Siblings (whether full half, or action) (whether full, half, or action)
  5. Grandparents
  6. Grandchildren

Are distant relatives covered under the target bereavement policy?

Here is a list of relatives who fall into the category of extended family:

  1. Aunts and uncles
  2. Nieces and nephews
  3. Close friends

Grandparents-in-law, uncles or aunts-in-law, and great-grandparents or step-grandparents are also distant family members.

Is proof of bereavement required at Target?

Target employees must wait to submit proof of loss to earn bereavement leave. Employees may ask for unpaid time off or personal leave for any important reason, including grief. However, Target has the right to collect employee documents to confirm their demand for bereavement leave if it deems it essential.

Can I take target bereavement leave?

Bereavement leave is available to most Target employees, but several requirements must be satisfied. One requirement is that regular team members and non-exempt Target team leaders work at least 20 hours each week. In addition, the employee must have worked for at least 90 days from the hire date to be eligible for unpaid bereavement leave. After six months of joining the team, non-exempt team members who put in 20 hours a week or more are entitled to bereavement leave with compensation.

Are part-time employees eligible for target bereavement leave?

Except for Target employees in San Francisco, part-time, seasonal, and limited team members at Target are ineligible for paid bereavement leave.

Is there paid bereavement leave at Target?

Depending on their needs, the target can provide paid or unpaid bereavement leave to employees who have suffered a loss. This applies to Target employees who must attend bereavement-related events during regular working hours. Those who have lost a family member are entitled to up to three full days of paid time off. Target employees are entitled to up to 4 hours of paid time off for the death of a close friend or relative, with Target evaluating which employees are eligible on a case-by-case basis.

Can Target Refuse Bereavement Leave?

Unfortunately, no regulations in the United States govern workers’ right to bereavement leave. Therefore it is up to the judgment of each company. As a result, Target will be within its legal rights to reject an employee’s bereavement leave.


Target has a broad and sensitive grieving policy to provide employees ample time to grieve and deal with loss-related events. Target’s mourning policy does not require employees to submit proof of loss and applies to many intimate, extended, and distant familial and spiritual relationships.

Target can also provide some employees with paid bereavement leave, giving employees who have suffered a loss even more peace of mind.


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