Verizon Bereavement Policy (2023)


You might be curious about the Verizon bereavement policy and whether it relates to your current circumstances if you work for Verizon and have recently experienced a loss in your family. Please read to get all the crucial information about Verizon’s bereavement policy.

Does Verizon Have a Bereavement Policy?

Yes! A bereavement policy in effect at Verizon applies to both corporate staff and those at Verizon store locations.

What Is the Verizon Bereavement Policy?

According to Verizon’s Bereavement Policy, you are entitled to time off work if your immediate family member—including siblings, children, and parents—has passed away. This applies to all Verizon staff members in 2022, regardless of where you work (corporate or elsewhere). Furthermore, Verizon may grant you additional time off if travel is necessary.

What Family Members Fall Under Verizon Bereavement Policy?

According to the Verizon Bereavement Policy, you can only request time off from work if the deceased person is a close relative. For instance, the deceased individual had to be a relative residing in your home at the time of their death, such as a child, parent, spouse, domestic partner, grandparent, brother, or any other person.

Does Verizon Have to Approve Time Off Under the Bereavement Policy?

Before taking time off, Verizon will demand that you complete any necessary paperwork or other documents for bereavement leave and get it approved. Additionally, your supervisor or the Human Resources Department can provide you with access to the papers you need to complete in advance.

Does the Verizon Bereavement Policy Require Proof of Death?

Even though there is no business policy indicating that Verizon will require documentation of the demise of your loved one before you may take bereavement leave, your supervisor may do so before authorizing it. Additionally, evidence might take many forms, including an obituary, a death certificate, or other documentation that attests to your loved one’s passing. Although your supervisor could request to see the proof before you give it to the department, you must provide it to Human Resources.

How Much Time Off Does Verizon Give for Bereavement Leave?

If your close relative passes away, Verizon might allow you to take up to five days off for the grieving process. The typical time off is three days, but according to employees, Verizon will grant you five days off if you need to go, for example, to another state for a funeral.

Does Verizon Pay You for Bereavement Leave?

Whether you require two or five days off to travel to the service, Verizon will pay you if you need to take a bereavement vacation.

Does Verizon Offer Bereavement Leave Immediately?

Since Verizon starts providing benefits the day you start your job, you’ll be relieved to learn that the firm does provide bereavement leave on your first day of work. Because of this, you can apply for bereavement leave immediately if someone close to you passes away or you’ve only been working for Verizon for two weeks.

Does Verizon Bereavement Leave Cover Spouse’s Family?

Former and present employees claim that the immediate family member must be a blood relative for you to request time off under Verizon’s Bereavement Policy. For instance, because it’s not a blood or biological family, this guideline means that you probably won’t be eligible for bereavement leave if your spouse’s father passes away.

Does Verizon Bereavement Policy Cover Pets?

Sadly, Verizon’s Bereavement Policy only covers people; dogs are not covered. To find out if you can take a day or two off work to mourn a pet loss, speak with your manager or the human resources department. There is no assurance that you will be granted pet bereavement leave, and even if you are, the time off will be unpaid unless you have collected personal time.

Can Verizon Fire You for Taking Bereavement Leave?

If you have submitted the necessary documentation for bereavement leave and had it approved, Verizon cannot terminate you; however, you will need to return to work once your allotted 3 or 5 days have passed. As a result, you should report to work when you are supposed to, but if you require more time off to deal with the death, you should speak with human resources. You can also speak with your manager about the circumstances to determine whether you qualify for additional leave time under the Family Medical Leave Act.


According to Verizon’s Bereavement Policy, you are entitled to up to five paid days off to deal with the death of a close relative. The supervisor may also request proof of death before granting the request.


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