Walgreens Bereavement Policy 2023


Walgreens Company, also known as Walgreens, is operating the second-largest pharmacy chain in the United States. Filling prescriptions, wellness programs, health information, and photo services are some of the services which you can avail of at Walgreens. Being headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, United States, it has been operating more than 8885 stores throughout the United States. The estimated number of employees working at Walgreens is 1,523,000 employees.

Does it offer employee benefits like Bereavement leave to them? Let’s explore the answers.

Walgreens Bereavement Policy 

Walgreens is among those stores that give their employees bereavement leave. The Bereavement leave at Walgreens is of three days. This can be extended to more than three days by communicating with Human Resources. Bereavement leave is paid by Walgreens. 

To know more about Bereavement leave at Walgreens, continue reading.

Immediate Family Members

According to Walgreens, it allows bereavement leave on the death of immediate family members. You can consult your manager if you want to leave to attend the funeral of your friend or someone other than the immediate family member. According to Walgreens, immediate family members consist of 

  • Parents
  • Step Parents, a parent in law
  • Siblings and step-siblings
  • Children, stepchildren, Son in law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, step-grandchildren 
  • Spouses
  • Partners which might be same sex or opposite
  • Grandparents, step-grandparents
  • Grandparents in law

How to get bereavement leave from Walgreens?

You can communicate with your manager 9r supervisor to give paid time off at the death of your immediate family member.

Basically, the bereavement leave policy is applicable to all close family members. You can contact and communications manager to get bereavement leave for those relatives who are not included in the above list. 

Does Walgreens give paid bereavement leave?

As it happens in many stores, Walgreens also gives paid bereavement leave.

When an employee takes time off due to this reason, he is compensated directly by the store. He gets paid time off at the death of an immediate family member. They are paid by the company at a standard hourly rate during this time.

For how many days does Walgreens give bereavement leave?

Most often, the standard period for the leave is three days. It is the maximum time period for which employees are compensated by the store. Moreover, Walgreens has a flexible bereavement leave policy, which can be adjusted according to the employee’s request.

Following are some factors that determine the bereavement leave time period.

  • How much he has already utilized paid time off?
  • How much time will it take to reach the funeral spot?
  • What is the relationship between the employee and the deceased person?
  • Can the store crosspatch load without that employee?

Most often, the store manager or supervisor of Walgreens store allows the employee to take bereavement leave. They are not much investigated at this time and allowed to have a leave.

Can I extend bereavement leave?

Walgreens has a more flexible bereavement leave policy, according to which it gives you extended time off. But in this case, you will be paid at the standard hourly rate only for three days. In case you request to extend this time, the company will not be responsible to pay you any extra amount. In case he does not want to be unpaid by the company during this time, he can utilize paid time off given by Walgreens. By using these PTOs, the extended leave will be paid to some extent. But still, you have the option to extend bereavement leave by communicating with the supervisor or manager.

What documentation is necessary to get a bereavement leave at Walgreens?

If you are employed at Walgreens store, you will not be asked for any kind of death certificate or its copy. You will not be asked to provide a funeral record or something else. Tell the manager that your loved one has passed away, and you will be given the leave at once.

Walgreens Job Benefits

While employees may get another benefit by working at Walgreens. So here are some of the benefits that Walgreens offer to its employees.

  • Employees can get paid time off.
  • Extra pay on holiday and overtime
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Free flu shot
  • Retirement Plan of 104(k) with employer’s match.
  • Prescription drug insurance 
  • Employees’ discounts and many more.


Walgreens has a much more generous and lenient policy than any other company. You can get three days of paid time bereavement leave from the pharmacy store. No documentation is needed at all!


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