Walmart Attendance Point System: Explained (2022 Official Guide)

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Large retailers have to ensure the smooth functioning of their stores. They have to rely on organizational structure. Along with focusing on centralized and regional operations, they have to focus on store operations. Merchandising plans help to ensure the effective functioning of large retailer brands. They have to improve the employees. As their customer service skills, handling the transaction and availability have a strong effect on the functionality of merchandisers. Let’s come up with a reading that how Walmart is working on employees for the functioning of stores and what type of point system it has introduced for employees. 

Walmart Attendance Point System in 2022 

The more points you accumulate at Walmart, the closer your termination. Everybody loves points but it has an inverse effect in Walmart. Walmart has been utilizing a point system to discourage the absenteeism of employees. This system helps to simplify the disciplinary procedure

At Walmart, the attendance point system is a policy of no-fault attendance. Walmart gives these points whenever an employee is seen as tardy or late or might be absent. These points result in a disciplinary situation or termination.

How does the point system work?

An employee is given half points in case he arrives late. He is given this point on late arrival of 15 minutes to 2 hours. An employee is given one point if he is out of work. 1 is given if he comes late when half of his shift time is over. He is awarded two points on the basis if he is out of work and did not inform the store. A maximum of 5 points results in the termination of an employee.

For how many time points are valid?

This point system is valid for up to 6 months. At this time accumulation of 5 points results in the termination of the employee. Less than 5 points do not result in termination. After 6 months these points are reset to 0.

Does Walmart have a strict attendance system?

In most of the stores, strictness is not observed. Management remains lenient if an employee shows good performance. 2 months of perfect performance can reset the present points. So it may depend on how the store is managed. Walmart’s standard time to reset these points is 6 months.

But if an employee continues to be late most often he is at risk of termination. 

If for the first time he does not inform that he is out of work, management warns him verbally.

For the second time when he does not inform, he gets a written warning. For the 3rd time, if he does not inform about his leave, management at one fires him from the job.

An accumulation of 5 points results in termination.

Authorization of using point system attendance:

Some employees have to leave the store in many situations. Although this point system is legal yet many companies have to look at the situation in which an employee is on leave. These companies treat all absentees on the same scale. These companies do not comply with those laws, which protect employees in serious cases. According to EFOC, this discrimination is illegal. Companies have to look at the situation in which employees are on leave. They have to comply with those situations like disability and sickness etc they are legally protected.

What type of leaves are excused?

A list of leaves is legally protected. Here are some laws which function to protect employees from termination.

Family and Medical Leave Act

California Family Right Act

Americans with Disability Act

How to report a leave at Walmart?

At first, he can open the app. By clicking the options report time at Walmart app, he may report his late arrival. Through in-person, he can visit the sophistic window where he has to report late arrival or absentee. They will give him a piece of paper with a certain number on it, this number will be his report time code.

How to check your accumulated points?

You can check your accumulated points on your Walmart profile. you have to access your profile on Walmart. You select the GTA. This will give you a complete summary of accumulated points.

What are perfect attendance rewards? 

The company has been improving its policy for employees. Those employees who are showing good performance can get certain incentives. They can get up to a 25% bonus. Bonus is given on perfect attendance or to those who have 2 or fewer points.

Benefits of the Point attendance system

Reduce Absentees:

This point system attendance helps to reduce absentees. These points help employees to visualize their performance and history. They will be careful to avoid point accumulation.

Employee engagement:

An employee engages himself more in work. Without any policy, employees become lackadaisical in their attendance.

Improved managerial transparency:

This help in removing discrimination against employees. Not only are hourly employees accountable but management is also accountable. This system helps to remove managerial subjectivism.

Bottom line:

Walmart has introduced a point system of attendance. It functions to ensure the smooth functioning of the stores. It charges points for the late arrival of the employee. It charges points for being out-of-work employees. Earnings up to 5 points cause termination of the employee.

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