Walmart Battery Core Charge: (All you need to know)

Walmart Battery Core Charge: (All you need to know)
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Car batteries have a finite lifespan. Even if you have been operating your vehicle in an ideal situation, your car battery may deteriorate. Usage patterns of automobiles cause them to discharge. When it stops to start the engine of your vehicle, you can head towards your nearest Walmart auto care center to replace your car battery with a brand new one. 

You will be amazed to know that there are concealed charges for buying a new car battery. These charges are the battery’s core charges.

Almost all auto care stores charge some amount when replacing old car batteries.

Here is the complete description of Walmart battery core charge in the year 2022. How does it charge? How much does it charge in the form of a Walmart car battery core charge?

Does Walmart charge a battery core fee?

Walmart applies refundable charges. These are core charges. Walmart charges for battery cores as it is also a mandate of the state. Walmart and other stores have a refundable core deposit for Automotive parts including car batteries.

Why does Walmart charge a battery core fee?

Whenever you purchase a new battery from Walmart you are charged a fee. You are refunded when you give back the battery to the store. It is a mandatory fee that is used in recycling old batteries.

How much does Walmart charge as a core battery fee?

After buying a battery from the Walmart store, you may not be aware of the fee that Walmart charged you. Here is a tip for you. If you can’t find the service name on the receipt of the battery, you can find the merchandising section. Here will be the amount Walmart has charged on the purchase of a car battery. The usual fee for this charge ranges from $5 to $20. It also depends on the type of model which you are buying.

Is the battery core charge refundable?

You will be pleased that this extra fee charged to you is refundable. This same amount that Walmart has charged you on your purchase will be returned to you when you will give them an old battery.

How to get a core battery refund?

Whenever the car battery dies and it stops starting an engine, go to the Walmart store. If you have bought a car battery from a Walmart store, you will be able to get a refund. Show them the receipt for the car battery. They will process your data. After confirmation, you will be either given cash or a discount for your next purchase. Coupons help to get new products at a discounted price.

If you are willing to get a coupon they will lessen the amount of new battery which you will purchase. 

When you are ineligible to get a refund?

Usually, you are refunded for the battery core charge. There are many situations in which Walmart will not refund you. Firstly if you are unable to give proof of shopping for a car battery from the Walmart store, you will face trouble in getting a refund. If you have lost its receipt you can face difficulty in a refund. If the battery is unable to produce charge or you have overused the car battery you will not get a refund. When the battery is unable to be recycled you will not be paid for core charges.

How to avoid core charges?

It is difficult to avoid core charges for batteries because most retailers charge this fee. There is some way to avoid the charges.

You may contact a nearby store, you can ask them whether they charge for car core batteries or not. If they help you in this way you need to head towards that store.

In case you are a regular customer of the store, you can persuade them to lift the charge. 

Can you get a refund without a receipt?

Receipts are needed to get a refund for old car batteries. If you have lost your receipt you must visit customer help service. You can also call them. You have to explain your situation to the customer service desk. If your old car battery passes the inspection, you can get a refund. 

You can replace your purchase battery if it is unfit for your car within 30 or 90 days with a valid receipt. 

But if you have lost the receipt, bring your ID with you. This will help to track your information. 

How many times can you return a battery at Walmart?

According to Walmart’s car battery return policy, you can get a refund for your purchased battery. You can also claim the exchange of the battery. After purchase, Walmart introduced a warranty for your car battery.

What type of car batteries are provided at Walmart?

Walmart offers several brands of car batteries. Most famous include


Ampere Time

Extreme Batteries


Zipp Batteries


Power Queen

Mighty Max

EverStar and many more.


Walmart charges a meager amount of fee when you buy a car battery. This charge is used to recycle batteries. You also pay this charge known as the core charge. You can get a refund by contacting Walmart if your receipt is lost.

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