Walmart Bereavement Policy 2023 (All you need to Know)


Different companies have different rules to assist employees in case of any calamities. These companies have employed millions of employees who work there and help drive the company. Sometimes they need leaves or half leave so that they may complete their other necessary errands. Sometimes they have to go to a doctor, or some other family members need medical care. Sometimes one of the family members dies. So they need leave, known as bereavement leave to mourn and sob over the death of their loved ones.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2023

Walmart has introduced a policy in which employees can get bereavement leave on the death of immediate family members such as parents, spouses, children, etc. This time off is paid by the employer. A maximum of three paid days are awarded to employees.

Who is an immediate family member?

Walmart’s Bereavement Policy clearly states that employees can get three days off at the death of an immediate family member. Sometimes employees need clarification about this statement. Immediate family members include parents, children, siblings, and spouses. So if they want to attend the funeral of a friend or other relatives, they will have to check eligibility.

Who is eligible to get Bereavement to leave at Walmart?

Walmart has categorized employees eligible to get paid leave on the death of an immediate family member. Only full-time employees are eligible to get three days of Bereavement leave. They must have worked with the company for at least one year. After that, they will be eligible to get paid time off. Part-time employees are excluded from the list. However, if part-time employees want a Bereavement Leave, they may utilize their paid time off given by Walmart. 

For how many days can employees get Bereavement leave?

This question might be popping up in your mind. Walmart has clearly stated that only three days are given for bereavement leave. They will be paid for only these three days. So the maximum time to take a bereavement leave at Walmart is three days.

Can I extend bereavement leave?

This is possible in some cases only. Sometimes you need more time to spend with your family who, along with you, have lost a loved one. To compensate you and your family, you may request extended bereavement leave. This depends on the store’s management, whether they accept or reject. If your bereavement leave period is extended, you will be paid only for three days. The day other than these will be unpaid.

Can I get bereavement leave at Walmart for my grandparents?

Sometimes many companies are lenient in giving bereavement leave to grandparents and grandchildren. To incite these leaves, you can get two days paid off from the company.

Can I get bereavement leave for non-immediate family members?

Sometimes relatives other than immediate family members pass away. You have to reach there to attend the funeral. They might be aunts, uncles or cousins, etc. You can talk to the supervisor about the leave. You will not be allowed three leaves, but to some extent, you will get 1 or 2 compensated leaves.

What are federal laws concerning bereavement leave?

There are no laws concerning bereavement leave. Walmart is more generous than the other companies even. It stands by the employees and gives them paid time off to sob at the death of a family member.

How to request bereavement leave?

An employee seeking this time off can request his manager and supervisor. He can explain the situation. Sometimes documentation is required to prove the stance, like a death certificate. On the other hand, employees must inform the management as soon as possible.

Does Walmart give pet bereavement leave?

Yes, Walmart approves pet bereavement leave. Whenever a pet dies belonging to an employee of Walmart, he is given paid bereavement leave. He has to provide proper evidence of ownership and death.

Another reason for leaves at Walmart;

There might be some other reason to get time off from the store. You can request your supervisor for a leave in the following cases.

  • If you are suffering from illness.
  • If you have got some family emergency.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Paternity leave.
  • To take care of pets.
  • To look after an ill family member.

Other retailers giving bereavement leave;

Many other giant companies have introduced the policy of bereavement leave. They give time off to employees who are suffering a loss of a family member. Some of these stores include

  • Costco
  • Amazon
  • Walgreens
  • Macdonald’s
  • Rite Aid etc.


Walmart has generous three-day bereavement leave for the employees working in the store. Only fu-time employees are eligible for the rest. In comparison, part-time employees may incur paid time off. 


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