Walmart Car Battery Return Policy: (Updated FAQs of 2022)

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy
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Have you ended up with the dead battery of your car? Now it’s time to replace your car battery. You can buy a car battery from your nearest Walmart stores. After purchasing a battery for your car, you may come to know that it is effective. You are eligible to return it to the Walmart store according to the Walmart Car Battery Return policy. You can return a car battery within 90 days of purchase. Often car batteries have a one-year warranty, so you can also replace them during this time if it is not misused.

What is Walmart Car Battery Return Policy?

Walmart has a return policy for several products at its stores. It has a return policy for car batteries as well. Whenever you buy a car battery and later you come to know that it is inappropriate or defective, you can get an exchange or even get a refund from its Auto Care Stores. You have to bring that car battery in good condition and a receipt through which you have made a purchase.

Why do you need to replace the car battery?

In most cases, a car battery should be properly disposed of and replaced with a brand-new battery after approximately three years of use. If you’re experiencing issues like sluggish engine ignition or a complete electrical failure caused by a dead battery, it’s worth it to simply replace the old model rather than trying to jump-start or charge.

Does Walmart sell car batteries?

Yes, you can buy car batteries from Walmart. You can buy EverStar Optima, Full Throttle, and Universal Power Group car batteries which are the top brands of Walmart. You can also buy accessories from Walmart stores which include portable battery chargers, jumper cables, and charging systems, monitors.

When will Walmart accept car battery returns? 

Walmart accepts car battery returns in a very specific situation. It gives a refund or replacement in return. You must bring the purchased car battery to the Auto Care Store.

Walmart’s policy is clearly defined and explained. You can return the car battery in the following cases.

  • If the battery purchased was not fitting according to your car, you are free to return it to the Walmart store.
  • If the battery is not working properly, you have to bring it in a good condition.
  • If it has a charging capacity of 12.45 volts or less, you can return it. 
  • If it has a 75% battery reading, you are eligible to get it replaced.

For how many days Walmart’s car battery policy is valid?

You can bring it in the appropriate condition to give it back. You have to bring it back within 90 days of purchase. You are benefited that you are refunded in the same way through which you purchase that battery if you want.

How to claim a warranty for a Car Battery?

Walmart offers a warranty on many products even on Car Batteries. If you have bought one and found it unfit for your car, you can claim its warranty. You have to go to the Walmart auto care store where you have to explain your situation. They will initiate the process to check whether you are eligible or not. After the process, you may get a refund or free replacement of your car battery. 

Do you need a receipt to claim the warranty? 

You have to bring a receipt of any product you bought from Walmart to claim its warranty. If you have lost a receipt you can even claim a warranty. Go to the customer help desk with a car battery. They will scan a code bar on the car battery. Walmarts every product has a code bar for verification purposes. You can also claim with the help of recorded data. Just bring an ID card through which you purchased that battery. This would help you to claim a warranty at the Walmart auto care store.

You can also claim a warranty online. Walmart has a digital facility of DoNotPay where you can claim a warranty.

Does Walmart give refunds for old car batteries?

If you want a refund for old car batteries, Walmart is unable to do so. According to its policy, it does not give money in return for old car batteries.

Does Walmart replace car batteries for free?

Walmart only replaces car batteries when you have purchased them from Walmart stores. If you have purchased them from any other store they will charge you according to the type of battery and the car. On average it cost $10 for a battery installation.

Does the warranty of the car battery also extend with replacement? 

Replaced car batteries do not come with an additional warranty. It comes under the warranty of the previous battery which was bought from Walmart.


You are facilitated to claim a warranty for a car battery within 90 days of purchase from Walmart stores. You can return the car battery within 90 days. You can also get a free replacement. You have to go through a process to claim a warranty for the car battery. You must have a slip and proper packaging of the battery to return to Walmart stores if you find it unfit for your car.

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