Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental: A Complete Guide of 2022

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental
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While moving your house or during cleaning purposes of your existing house, you have to pay attention to the carpet spread in your house.

Sometimes, it gets stained or even dust makes it unhealthy. If you are trying to clean your carpet and do not want to buy a new carpet cleaner, you can think of renting a carpet cleaner from a Walmart store near you. If you are searching for “what types of carpet cleaners are provided at Walmart” and other related questions, they are described in this guide to help you get carpet cleaner rental from your nearby Walmart store.

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental

Walmart has been offering carpet cleaners for rent through its stores or self-service kiosks. You can get one from nearby stores. These stores give specific time to use that cleaner and then you have to bring it back to the store. Walmart provides carpet cleaners to assist you in any cleaning purposes at home and office.

What types of rug doctors are available at Walmart to get on rent?

If you are intending to get a rug doctor on rent, you must know what type of doctor it offers. Sometimes you may find a specific type of Carpet Cleaner Rental in the nearest stores. Knowing the type of cleaner in the store, you can decide which one will suit you. Walmart offers carpet cleaners of the following brands

Mighty Pro

Wide Track

Pro Portable

Pro Deep etc.

How much does a carpet cleaner rental cost?

Depending on the type of cleaner, Walmart costs you for carpet cleaner rental. It also depends on the period for which you are making a deal. Most commonly you are charged a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $35 for 24 hours. These rental costs may vary depending on the type of cleaner you are using. Walmart carpet cleaner rental cost for Might Pro is around $30. You are charged $35 for Wide Track and $30 for X3.

How to get carpet cleaner rental services at Walmart?

Carpet cleaning and related services are provided at Rug doctor self-service Kiosks, which means you have to visit these services to get a carpet cleaner rental. You have to go to Walmart stores where these kiosks are found near the customer service desk. You can also locate them in front of Walmart stores.

You can visit the store near you or you can take the help of a locator. You can call them to provide the information about the rental machine. It will save you time.

You must be aware of the type of machine which you want, as it is offering varied types of carpet cleaners.

An automated machine is provided in the Walmart kiosks, where you have to order the machine by following some steps. 

  • First of all, types of machines will emerge on the screen.
  • choose one of them.
  • You will be instructed to follow the next actions.
  • Then it will interrogate some information on the screen.
  • You have to provide your name, your number and your email address.
  • You will have to pay a rental expense on the spot.

The entrance of the lock box in which the cleaner is latched will be open for you.

Obtain your carpet cleaner rental.

You will be notified about the type and duration of the rental machine.

How to rent a carpet cleaner online?

You can get a carpet cleaner machine from the store near you by ordering at its website. If you want to order Walmart carpet cleaner on rent at its website, follow the procedure,

  • You have to visit Rug doctor rental online.
  • Enter zip code.
  • Select the type of machine.
  • Select location
  • Click reserve
  • Enter your information
  • You can also add accessories and other cleaning solutions.

Does Walmart charge extra fees on delays?

You will have to return the machine within the due date otherwise Walmart will charge you an extra fee. If you do not return the carpet cleaner rental within a specified time, you have to pay an extra fee. 

Does Walmart provide Carpet cleaning solutions on rent?

Cleaning solutions for carpets are provided with a cleaning machine if you demand them. You can buy Walmart Carpet cleaning solutions to clean carpets. Even some machines require special solutions. But it entirely depends on you. Buying solutions is not mandatory. You can use solutions on your own. You can use your favorite cleaning solution if you want. 

Does Walmart provide cleaning accessories?

Along with carpet cleaner rental, you can get cleaning accompaniments. You can use them to clean your fans, furniture, and other items at home. You can also get those machines which are used to dry carpets.

Is it better to buy Walmart carpet cleaner or get it on rent?

Buying or renting anything on Walmart is entirely based on your choice. If you have to use carpet cleaner several times. You have a strict carpet cleaning schedule at home as well as in the office. You may buy a carpet cleaner. But if you have a monthly or yearly schedule for carpet cleaning, you can get it on rent from Walmart kiosks.


Walmart has been offering several products for rent including carpet cleaners. You can buy several categories of rug doctors by ordering online or exploring the store. Renting expenses vary from machine to machine. It also depends on the time, for which you get the carpet cleaner rental. The average cost of carpet cleaner rental is between $25 to $35. You can also buy cleaning solutions as well.

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