Walmart Cash Back Limit: Explained (Updated 2022)

Walmart Cash Back Limit
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Many retailers are giving cash back when you make a purchase. Cash back simply means getting cash on a purchase. You can pay for the purchase with this cash. Cash back means when a consumer uses any of the payment methods like a credit card, debit card, or check to make a purchase at the retailer store, he receives cash back on the spot.

Then he uses that cash to buy a product and keeps the remaining amount in his pocket. Cashback is one of the convenient ways to get cash without wandering to banks or ATMs. This method has no extra fee for getting cashback at Walmart.

Despite being a very easy method, there is a drawback, you are unable to get cashback more than a specified limit set by the retailer. Walmart has also introduced a cashback limit on purchases. The maximum limit of cashback depends on the type of payment method used. You can get cashback between $20 to $120 at its stores.

What is Cashback?

Cashback is cash that a customer can receive after making a purchase. There are certain payment methods that are acceptable for cashback. By requesting a certain amount to make a purchase, using a credit card, debit card, or personal check, the amount of the purchase is deducted. After that, you can get the remaining amount as a change. In case you are using gift cards or simple credit cards, you aren’t eligible to get cash back. Similarly using cash for payment of the purchase and getting change in return is not referred to as cashback.

Walmart has been giving this facility to its customers. Registers contain only a specific amount of cash, it is limited to a certain amount.

What is the cashback limit at Walmart?

Walmart has introduced different limits for different cards or cheques. It has a varied amount of cashback i.e $20, $40, and multiple of 20. The maximum limit provided by Walmart for cashback is $120. In certain cases, you can get cashback per 3 transactions but If you try to exceed the limit, Walmart may flag you as inappropriate or fraudulent. Let’s explore how to get cashback;

Cashback limit for the debit card:

Paying with a Credit card is easy and most convenient. Moreover, it has a maximum cashback limit of $100. It means you can get up to $100 cashback. You have to head towards the following register. You have to ring up the item which you purchased and select payment information. Insert your debit card into the machine. There will be two options- continue transaction or cashback. Select cashback in return. After giving PIN code information, the amount will be deducted from your account.

You will receive a receipt for the purchase and the cashback amount.

Cashback using a Credit card:

Unfortunately, you can’t get cashback if you are a credit card user. In case you use this card, you will be charged extra costs.

Cashback using a Discover Card:

You can use Discover Card instead, to avoid extra charges as it is free of cost. Discover cards are eligible to get cashback of the maximum limit set by Walmart which is $120.

Cashback using a Personal Cheque:

Fortunately, the good thing at Walmart is that you can get cashback by using personal cheques. When making a payment you have to inform the cashier that you have to pay with a cheque. You must have an official ID to present at the checkout. Your check will be scanned to avoid any fraud. Getting cashback through personal cheques is also limited.

 As personal cheques are limited to giving only $ 20 per transaction.

At which time you can get Cashback?

Entirely depending on the nearby store. Some stores remain open the whole week. You can visit them any hour of the day. Yet you must be well aware of your nearby store. You can call ahead to let you know their schedule. Generally, some stores open at 6 am and close at 11 pm.

You can get help from the locator. To use the locator, enter the zip code to view the schedule of the nearby Walmart store. This helps you save time. 

Does Walmart charge extra for Cashback?

In case you were worried about the cashback whether Walmart charges extra cost or not. Walmart does not charge any cost for cashback. This saves your cost which will be spent on drawing cash from the bank or ATM. In case you are not able to get cashback either in case of having a credit card or anything else, you would have to visit the nearest ATM to get cash to make a purchase.

Bottom line:

Walmart has a limit on cashback. You can get cashback of a maximum of $120 if you are a Discover Card holder. Cashback can be obtained with a debit card and personal cheques as well. Cashback comes in $20 or multiple of $20. Walmart’s cashback service helps to prevent you from the trouble of visiting ATMs or banks. It is free of cost.

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