Walmart Gift Card Exchange: Explanation you need (2022)

Walmart Gift Card Exchange
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Gift cards are one of the marketing strategies for large as well as smaller brands and retail stores. They help to hike traffic more than the other conventional marketing practices. According to a survey by, 70% of the customers would spend more money than the value of the gift card. Walmart is providing its consumers with gift cards. You can buy them from Walmart or Sam’s club. You can also buy them from the Walmart register.

You can redeem them to buy any product at Walmart. It has been providing a variety of gift cards to its customers. According to Walmart’s standard policy, you can exchange these gift cards with other gift cards. You can also generate eGift Cards. These terms and regulations are applied in certain states but in others, you can exchange cards with money according to the rules of the state.

How to Exchange Walmart gift cards?

You can buy gift cards from Walmart or Associate’s stores. Walmart does not allow you to exchange its card with cash but you can do it on certain websites. Moreover, sometimes third-party apps facilitate the redemption of this card. According to Walmart, you are allowed to either purchase an item or convert it into another card.

How to exchange gift cards at Gameflip?

Gameflip is one of the websites which redeems your gift card for cash or another gift card.

You can also sell other retailer gift cards. You can convert Walmart gift cards into eCards. You can also convert them to another company’s card.

How to exchange Walmart gift cards at Gameflip?

You can exchange Walmart gift cards at this site. It is suggested to lessen the price of the card to the original price while showcasing, this will help to attract more buyers. There is an option to select auto delivery which will deposit the amount of the gift card in your Gameflip wallet automatically when someone redeems your gift card code.

To whom Walmart is in partnership for gift card exchange?

Walmart is associated with CardCash. Walmart is doing so to exchange gift cards. Walmart has initiated this program which is targeting over 200 merchants worldwide. It employed this service for unused gift cards.

What about the buyback process?

Walmart is in partnership with CardCash. Now any consumer can put the details of the card and balance on CardCash. It will return cash in return. You may also be given an eGift card.

CardCash sends this gift card to the consumer’s email where he can use it to purchase at Walmart. 

Remember that you can not get cash in return in-store.

How much does Walmart pay for eGift Cards?

The balance and amount of an eGift card vary. You can only receive 80 to 97% of the card balance if you exchange one Walmart card for another.  Otherwise, you may get up to 72 to 80% if you exchange Walmart cards for cards from other retailers.

Does anyone transfer the balance from the gift card to another account?

Only certain websites are eligible to turn your gift card balance into cash. You can redeem it to buy products at Walmart in-store or digitally. According to Walmart’s standard policy, you cannot transfer the balance from Walmart gift cards to another account.

How to use Walmart eGift cards?

You can purchase any product through Walmart gift cards. You are facilitated to buy online or in physical stores. You can redeem it at Sam’s locations.

Why is Walmart buying Gift Cards?

Walmart has been working with 200 merchants to help people use those cars which are still unredeemed.  These can be sold to Walmart. It is offering a convenient solution by exchanging Walmart gift cards for eCards. People will be able to redeem the card easily. It will also boost its sales and earn customers’ loyalty.

What other gift cards are available at CardCash?

If you do not want to trade with Walmart gift cards, there are many other retailer gift cards. You can also look at them.

Burger King



Ulta Beauty


PetSmart etc 

You can look at the other retailers by visiting card cash. 

Where to buy a Walmart gift card?

To buy a Walmart gift card, you can head to Walmart stores or their associates. Unfortunately, you cannot buy Walmart gift Cards from other retailers.

How to check my gift card balance?

You can check your gift card balance any time of the day. There are websites from where you can check like or you can contact them ahead.

What is the maximum amount Walmart gift card carries? 

The maximum limit of a Walmart gift card is $1000. You can avail of 5 gift cards of varied or the same amount.

Last words:

This was all about Walmart’s gift card exchange. You can exchange Walmart gift cards at different sites including Gameflip. You can redeem them to buy Walmart products.

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