Walmart Laptop Return Policy: Answer May Surprise You (2022)

Walmart Laptop Return Policy
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Sometimes we purchase a product, do not like it, and want to return it as soon as possible. The product can be as big as a laptop. Keep reading to know whether you can return your laptops purchased through Walmart and the procedure.

Walmart Laptop Return Policy in 2022:

You do not have to worry if you are dissatisfied with your Walmart laptop purchase. In 2022, Walmart will accept returns of computers and laptops purchased online or in-store within 30 days. When returning a computer to Walmart, customers must have the original packaging with accessories and the receipt to show proof of purchase. Customers can choose between a cash refund and store credit.

What is the time limit for returning a laptop or computer to Walmart?

You have 30 days to return a laptop/computer purchased in-store (including brands such as Acer, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Apple, and others) or 30 days to return a laptop/computer ordered online.

Is it necessary to have the original packaging to return a laptop or computer to Walmart?

Customers must have the original packaging to return a computer or laptop to Walmart. Walmart can confirm that you purchased the computer from them based on the barcode and information on the packaging.

Do I need to return my laptop or computer with the accessories?

If your laptop or computer comes with extra accessories like a keyboard, charging cable, monitor, or mouse, you must return them when returning the device.

Is a receipt required to return a laptop or computer to Walmart?

Yes! If you have a receipt, your return will go much more smoothly.

What if you don’t have a receipt?

You can still return an item without a receipt, but it is much more difficult with laptops because it is difficult to show the date of purchase unless you use a debit/credit card or PayPal.

What Is the Return Policy for Computer and Laptop Accessories at Walmart?

Almost all computer and laptop accessories purchased from Walmart are eligible for the standard 90-day return policy.

However, there are some additional electronics that you can buy with your computer that have a 30-day return policy, such as:

  • Printer (except 3D printers) 
  • Tablets
  • Hardware for computers

Other computer accessories, such as keyboards, mice, thumb drives, and so on, are still covered by the standard 90-day return policy.

What Computer Accessories Are Not Returnable at Walmart?

Some computer accessories cannot be returned to Walmart at all. These are some examples:

  • Softwares 
  • Video Gamecards delivered via email

If you buy one of these items, you will not be able to return it or get a refund.

How do you return an In-Store Purchased Laptop?

If you bought the laptop at a Walmart store, you could go to the customer service counter and ask to return it. This must be done during the store’s regular business hours.

How do you return the Laptop Purchased Online?

If you bought something online, the return procedure is different. It cannot be returned to a physical Walmart location. Instead, you’ll have to mail it back. To do so, go to, log in to your account, navigate your purchase history, and select the laptop you want to be refunded.

I purchased a laptop from Walmart, but I believe it is defective. How should I proceed?

If you believe your laptop is faulty, you can return it to Walmart for a refund within 14 days. You must bring your receipt and the laptop, and if you purchased the laptop on a payment plan, you might be charged a restocking fee.

Will you be able to return a cracked laptop?

No! You will not be able to return a cracked laptop. However, if you have a Walmart Protection Plan, you can return a laptop even if it is broken or has liquid damage.

What’s the policy for Returns For Laptops During the Holidays?

The holidays are an exception to Walmart’s standard return policy. Walmart offers an extended return period in November and December (an extra ten days). 

When You Return a Laptop, How Do You Get a Refund?

If you return a cell phone to Walmart and it is accepted, you will be given the option of exchanging it for another laptop or receiving a refund. Your money will be required if you do not want to exchange it.

If you paid with a credit card, the money would be added to your credit card, or you will be given a gift card of the same value instead.


Walmart has a ninety-day return policy for items purchased from them, but some things, such as electronics, make an exception. Electronics like laptops have to be returned within thirty days of purchase. The computer has to do with its complete packaging and accessories. While replacing the laptop, customers must have a receipt that will make the return easy.

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