Walmart Lunch Policy: All you need to know in 2022

Walmart Lunch Policy

According to US Federal and State Laws, Walmart’s policies exist to safeguard the well‐being of its 1.5 million employees. The company aims to keep good working conditions by requiring mandatory breaks, but what exactly is Walmart’s Lunch Policy? Keep reading the article to find all answers to your questions.

Walmart Lunch Break Policy 2022

For 2-6 hour shifts, Walmart employees are entitled to a paid 15-minute break. 

Walmart requires a mandatory 30-minute unpaid meal break, a paid 15-minute break in the first 4 hours of the shift, and a paid 15-minute break in the second half of the shift for 6-8 hour shifts. Shifts of more than ten hours allow for an additional unpaid 30-minute meal break.

Does Walmart give its employees a break?

Yes! Walmart is very strict about its employees taking a break. It is in their policies. 

What is the Break Policy at Walmart?

Rest breaks are separated from meal breaks, also known as lunch breaks. Rest periods are considered working time and are thus compensated. Meal breaks are not considered working time and therefore are not paid. Rest breaks are typically 15 minutes long, while meal breaks last between 30 minutes and an hour. To comply with state laws, Walmart also guarantees and enforces stringent rules for employees taking meal breaks. Employees in some states are barred from using cash registers after 6.5 hours if a lunch break is not taken.

Do You Get a Lunch Break During an 8-Hour Shift at Walmart?

Yes! Walmart employees must take one 30-minute unpaid meal break per shift. They are required to have two 15-minute paid rest breaks. Additionally, employees must clock out for the duration of their meal break.

Do Walmart Pay Employees for Lunch Breaks?

No! At Walmart, lunch breaks are unpaid. 

As per federal policy, meal breaks must help ease the employee of all duties. On the contrary, Walmart employees will be adjusted for 15-minute rest breaks in compliance with Federal Regulations.

Do I Get a Lunch Break for 6 Hours at Walmart? 

Yes! Walmart employees can take a 30-minute unpaid meal break during their 6-hour shift. 

Additionally, during a 6-hour shift, Walmart employees are entitled to a paid 15-minute rest period. However, it can vary by state. For example, California, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington allow meal breaks when working five or more consecutive hours, 

How Many Hours Must I Work to Get a Lunch Break at Walmart?

According to Walmart policy, employees who work a 6-hour or more extended shift are entitled to a 30-minute unpaid meal break. Additionally, if an employee is working overtime and the shift is longer than 10 hours, they are entitled to a second unpaid meal break.

What is Walmart’s Lunch Policy for Overnight Workers?

Overnight Associates work from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and are entitled to two 15-minute paid rest breaks and an hour-long meal break.

Can I skip Walmart’s lunch breaks?

No! You can’t skip lunch at Walmart. Employees are required by policy to take the appropriate rest and meal breaks. Employees who fail to clock out for unpaid meal breaks will also be required to complete a Meal Violation form.

What happens if you resist taking your break?

If you resist taking a break, then Walmart’s missing lunch breaks will result in disciplinary action at Walmart. They will make you complete the meal violation form and can fire you in the worst-case scenario. 

Can Walmart refuse their employees to take a break?

No! Walmart has been sued before for not giving its employees breaks, and now, managers at Walmart are not in the position to restrict you from taking a break, and if they do, you are allowed to file a complaint.

I am an intern at Walmart and forgot to take my break. Will I get fired?

No! As you’re still new to the store, you must immediately talk it over with the manager and tell them that you’re an intern and you will be saved from getting fired. 


Walmart is one of the biggest retail chains that is following federal policies to make sure their employees are not too tired and that they have eaten well. That’s why Walmart ensures breaks for each employee, and employees can not resist those breaks.

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