Walmart Pre-Order Policy: All you need to know (2022)

Walmart Pre-Order Policy
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Walmart is one of the largest grocery stores across the globe. As merchants always look for ways to accelerate and boost the shopping experience at their stores. These ways help to increase its sales so that most of the items reach thousands or even millions of consumers. 

Walmart has been working to enhance consumers’ experience by offering them digital shopping options. It enhances the shopping experience. It has employed one of the techniques to boost its products and interact with customers i.e Pre-order. Pre-order is a powerful way to market and sell products. Pre-orders boost sales and strengthen the relationship with the customers. With more than 4000 stores across the globe, Walmart not only offers brand-new items to its customers but also gives them a chance to pre-order those branded products which are not yet officially released. Consumers can order these products before the official release date. In this way, they can get their desired product at hand.

Walmart Pre-Order Policy

Walmart offers a pre-order facility. Anyone who wants to buy a certain product that is not on the market can reserve the items. When these products are released, they are sold at a rapid rate. These are charged at once. So that a customer can enjoy its availability. Do not forget that pre-orders can not be canceled easily. You will be charged immediately for most of the payment methods. 

Do you receive the pre-order on the release date?

In some cases, it is possible that Walmart stocks these products in a store on the day of their release. You will be able to get them on their release date. On the contrary, if the demand for a certain product is high there is a possibility of delaying its delivery.

You may receive your order within some days after it has been released.

How to place a pre-order?

Sometimes a brand new product is introduced in the Walmart cart. Walmart provides an opportunity to reserve that product. If you were waiting for a certain item, you must place an order at once. The reason is that they are always in limited stock. Only some products can be pre-ordered. If you want to place a pre-order, simply login to your account at and add it to your cart at Walmart’s official website.

If you want to know about recent products at Walmart, keep yourself updated by visiting its web.

Are you charged immediately for a pre-order?

Walmart charges immediately for a pre-ordered item. Whenever you place a pre-order, you are charged on the spot. This happens because other consumers are waiting for the products. To ensure availability to you, they immediately charged for the item. You can use a certain payment method to place these orders.

What types of Payment methods can be used to place a pre-order?

You can use several types of payment methods to place pre-orders. Credit card, debit card or Paypal, etc. Only exceptions are applied to credit card holders. They are charged when the order is about to ship to a nearby store. Debit card holders and those shoppers who are using Paypal, Walmart gift cards, or Walmart rewards are charged on the spot.

Is it possible to cancel a pre-order?

Pre-orders are not so easy to cancel. If anyone wants to cancel a pre-order, simply login into your account.

Search order history

Tap the cancellation button

In case you are unable to cancel the order, you can contact Walmart. You can call them. In case your order has shipped to the store you will be unable to cancel the product.

Can you return a pre-order to Walmart?

According to Walmart’s return policy, you can return an item in a maximum of 90 days. Exceptions are applied to some electronics and appliances. You are free to return a pre-order within 90 days of purchase. You can simply go to the customer help desk window. By showing the receipt you can claim your return. After processing your data, you are refunded. You must bring its packaging to the Walmart customer service desk.

Does Walmart charge separate shipping costs on multiple pre-orders?

 One of the reasons why people love to shop at Walmart is the convenience it offers. Walmart offers a convenient and money-shopping experience to its customers. In case of pre-orders placed multiple pre-orders, Walmart will not charge you separately for each of them. You will be charged once even if you have received them separately. You are notified by email notification to track your pre-order…

Can you change the payment method for pre-orders

Do you want to change your pre-order payment method? In case you want to update this information you will not be able to do so. Unfortunately, Walmart does not allow you to change payment methods. As it charges for the order immediately.

Why do Walmart prices differ in stores and online?

You will be amazed to know that Walmart prices differ in stores and online. They do not match in-store and on the company’s website. It has stated on its official website that store management has to manage its commodities accordingly. The company is not competitive with itself. Prices may vary from one store to another and its website also.


Walmart has been facilitating its customers by offering them pre-orders. Consumers can reserve those items which are about to be launched. These deals are offered to increase customer liability and interaction with stores. Walmart charges at once for pre-orders. It facilitates by charging once for multiple products.

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