Walmart Return Hours: A Complete Guide of 2022

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A very common question asked by most Walmart customers is what are Walmart return hours if you have purchased something from Walmart and it is defective or inappropriate in size or if you do not like the product. You will wonder to know that Walmart has a very flexible returning policy for the products you want to return. Let’s come up with an answer. 

What are Walmart’s Return Hours in 2022?

If you want to return anything to Walmart you can visit the Walmart store between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. or you can visit even before 11 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. On weekend you can visit the store from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can return anything to Walmart by bringing it to the customer service desk. Even you can call a specific store to know the hours of that store to avoid any trouble because the exact hours may vary from one store to another store. For your convenience, you can visit the stores during peak hours. This will help you to save time.

When does Walmart return hours open?

Before you go to return the product you want, you should know when returning hours are open. As stores usually open from 7 am, they also initiate return hours as well. You can go after 7 am to avoid any trouble of waiting outside the store to initiate the process.

When does Walmart return hours close? 

Walmart closes its return hours when the store is closed. They will also close the return hours when the store is about to close because this process will take time and they can’t do it at the time of closing the stores.

When does MoneyCentre of Walmart close?

If you don’t want to exchange the product and you want your money back. You must know the money center schedule. The money center at Walmart usually opens at 8 am and closes when the store is closed.

Does Walmart refund without a receipt? 

Although being crucial to start any process of refunding you can refund without a receipt. If you have lost the receipt of the product you purchased, you have to bring your ID. You have to bring the ID with which you purchased that item. They will match your ID with their data. If found they will refund the product.

What’s Walmart’s return policy for products without packaging?

What to do if you have damaged the packaging? 

Most of the products have a very lenient policy to accept products without packaging. They accept those products. But some products, they do not accept without packaging like video games. 

But for your facilitation, they have a bar code on every product. They can scan the product to know whether you have brought the product from Walmart or not. After that, they initiate the refund.

How many much time you can return the product? 

According to Walmart policy, you can rest the product within 90 days. The same rule is applied to most of the products. You can return the product within 90 days. There are exceptions too. For electronic and some other products you are given only 30 days in which you can return defective products.

How to return Walmart products if brought online?

You will be wondering about the products which you have brought online. Walmart has a policy to refund the products you purchased online. They will be recorded on the website as sold. You can bring them to the Walmart store to return them. But if you purchased the third-party app you can’t get it returned.

What to do if you did not return the product within the due date?

A lot of people bother and ask the question of what to do if they have not returned the product within the due date. Just bring the pro ct to the customer service desk. If you are their regular customer they will accept it. In the case when they reject you can try its refund by bringing it to another store. They might accept the product return.


Walmart has a lenient policy and flexible hours to return a product. Anyone who belongs to any class may find enough time to refund if they are not satisfied with the products they purchased from Walmart.

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