Walmart Reward Program: All FAQs Answered (2022 Updated)

Walmart Reward Program
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Who is not familiar with Walmart? Almost everyone goes to Walmart for their grocery shopping and other stuff. So, for their lovely customers, Walmart offers cash-back programs; keep reading to find out. 

Walmart Reward program in 2022?

The Walmart system has two cards, which is the simplest way to understand the Walmart Rewards Program. You can use it in addition to purchasing the items there. When you buy something, your rewards for that purchase are loaded onto your card(s), which you can use later.

Walmart is required to issue two reward cards: the Walmart Rewards Card and the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card. While both cards allow you to earn non-expirable cashback points on every purchase, there are differences in how you can use the card.

What Is the Walmart Rewards Program?

Customers can apply for the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard or the Walmart Rewards Card through Walmart’s rewards system, a credit card-based program.

What’s the difference between both cards?

Both offer similar rewards and bonuses, except the latter can only be used at Walmart and, whereas the former can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

What is Walmart Rewards Program Basic Usage?

When used at checkout, the Walmart Rewards Program allows you to earn 5% cash back on the Walmart website and 2% cash back on any on-site purchase. To use the Walmart Rewards Program, you must have either the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard or the Walmart Rewards Card.

If you also plan to use the Walmart app and payment method (called Walmart Pay), you will receive 5% cashback for the next 12 months after you make your payment. That is the fundamentals of Walmart’s point-rewards program.

How to Redeem Walmart Rewards: So how exactly do Walmart rewards work? 

Here are a few ways you can use your Capital One Walmart Mastercard to redeem your Walmart Rewards:

  • You will be sent a check for the amount specified.
  • Receive your statement directly to your credit card.
  • Receive a gift card with the same monetary value as the cashback amount.
  • Get the cashback amount deducted from your Walmart bill.

Why will the card be beneficial?

You will rarely run out of things to spend your Walmart Rewards points on because the supermarket chain stocks and sells everything you can think of! It does not direct you to a specific product line because the market’s range aims to improve the convenience of its customers’ shopping experience.

What are the factors people should consider before selecting the card?

The ability to use your Walmart Mastercard anytime and anywhere that accepts Mastercard is the factor that most people consider when selecting this card. They can earn cashback benefits every time they swipe their everyday payments, allowing them to use all the ways to redeem Walmart rewards.

Who should be eligible for the Walmart Rewards Card?

The Walmart Rewards Card is intended for frequent Walmart customers. It is a closed-looped credit card, meaning it can only be used within Walmart brands. On the plus side, that includes online purchases made on and through the app.

What other benefits does the card provide?

Another thing to remember is that the Walmart Rewards Card was developed in collaboration with Capital One and provides access to some of the bank’s features, including its mobile app. If you like Capital One or already have an account, this card may be a good fit.

Does the card serve as an all-purpose credit card?

No! If you want an all-purpose credit card that can be used anywhere, this is not the card for you but Mastercard does serve as an all-purpose credit card.

If the prospect of earning cashback at Walmart appeals to you, you should investigate this new store credit card. Store cards do not typically require excellent credit, which may be advantageous if you have little to no credit history or even bad credit. A store card may also help you improve your credit if used responsibly.

Does the card provide travel rewards?

No! This isn’t the card for you if you’re looking for a credit card that earns travel rewards. Within Walmart, redemption options are limited to statement credits, purchases, and gift cards.

Are the Walmart cards free?

The cards are free to use, but Walmart charges a late fee of up to $39 if your bills are late.

What Is the Walmart Rewards Program’s Limit?

The limit on the Walmart Mastercard and Walmart Rewards card is determined by the amount approved. Whatever it is, as long as you do not exceed your credit limit, you can earn cash back every month without a limitation.


Walmart’s reward program for its customers is the best, assuring them by giving them cashback on every shopping in the Walmart store. So, if you are a heavy shopper, Walmart’s card might be the best for you.

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