Walmart Tire Warranty: (2022 Guide)

Walmart Tire Warranty
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Walmart, one of the top retail brands, has a variety of products. As many manufacturers offer a warranty on products similarly Walmart has given a tire warranty for your car. If you are about to buy a car or new tire from Walmart, you must know Walmart Tire’s warranty in the year 2022.

If you want to know what type of warranty it offers and questions related to its warranty, here lies all the answers related to Walmart Tire’s warranty in 2022.

Walmart Tire Warranty in 2022 

Walmart always offered a tire warranty along with its other products. It is offering two types of warranties for the tire of your vehicle. You are benefited from these two types of warranty at Walmart. One is a road hazard warranty and the other is an s lifetime warranty. Walmart road hazard warranty is applicable when a tire is exposed to normal damage during its tread while a lifetime warranty applies to the balancing of the tire and rotating services of the tire. 

How to get a Walmart Tire warranty?

You are offered with tire warranty when you are purchasing a tire. Both types of warranties are suggested to the customer. It depends on the customer which one he chooses or he is free to choose a Walmart hazard warranty as well as a licensed warranty.

What is the lifetime balance warranty?

 A very useful plan offered by Walmart to its customers is a lifetime plan. You will get a warranty for the life span of the tire. It depends on the customer whether he chooses this warranty or not. But he is suggested to get this plan. Tires at Walmart are provided at very accessible prices. These range from $40 to $56 per car. This price may vary from region to region but this is the average price of a life balance plan at Walmart stores. The services provided by Walmart in this plan are balancing and rotation services.

What about the road hazard warranty at the Walmart store?

Whether you have purchased a lifetime plan or skipped Walmart’s lifespan policy, here is another plan provided to you by Walmart that is a road hazard warranty. The benefit you get from this policy is that you can cover road hazards to your tire and other damage. You can get this warranty for $14 per tire. They also give you a replacement for that tire which is not repairable. Therefore this replacement is free of cost to that tire which is not repairable within 25% of the lifespan of a tire.

Why do you need a Walmart tires warranty? 

For maintenance of the tire, you must buy its warranty. When you are buying a car or tire at Walmart you have to purchase its warranty. You will get access to the free repair of the tire at any time which is offered to you for the lifespan of the tire.

What does Walmart Tire policy cover?

Walmart Tire policy covers those tires which need repair. You can visit the car services store at Walmart if your tire is inflated. You can seek assistance for non-repairable tires as well but only at the initial stage. You can come to the store, explain your issue then they will resolve it for you.

How long does the warranty last?

Have you bought Walmart’s warranty for your tire? The only thing you need to know is the duration of the warranty of the Walmart tires according to its policy. Both policies last for the whole lifespan of the tires. The lifespan of the tire is approximately 25,0 0 0 miles.

When is the Walmart Tire warranty applicable?

Walmart’s policies are applicable and valid until a customer changes the tire at all. Both plans will be invalid if a customer changes the tire to a new one.

Does Walmart Hazard Warranty add on to the Lifetime Warranty?

If you have purchased both plans for your tire, you must know that the road hazard policy adds more benefits to the lifetime warranty. This adds an extra layer of protection to this plan. It protects the daily routine damage to the tires of your vehicle.

How to claim Walmart tire warranty?

If you want to claim the warranty at Walmart stores, the first thing you can do is to call its toll-free number which is listed by Walmart. Hopefully, they will redirect the call to the store nearest to you. You should explain the condition of the tire to them. You can also visit the store to claim a warranty. They will schedule a repair or replace it accordingly. 

You can’t send a tire through mail as it will be more expensive than repair.

Why does the Walmart store deny the warranty claim?

There are some cases in which Walmart denies the warranty of the tire. These cases are, which include those tires which are in the worst position, inflated tires, and those tires which are used in racing. If someone unlicensed service center has fixed the tires of your vehicle, they will deny a warranty.

What to do if Walmart denies a warranty?

You can explain your situation to the service. You can make a call or visit them on your own. If they are ready to assist you then you can go to the car service store at Walmart. But if they constantly deny you can seek an external source to get your tire repaired.


Walmart has a very useful Tire Warranty Policy. You can buy both plans for your tire. A lifetime plan and road hazard plan help to protect your tire. This plan covers the rotation of the tire, its balancing, and daily routine wear and tear to the tire. You are suggested to buy both plans. You can claim the warranty at any time.

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