Walmart TV Return Policy: Everything you need to know (2022)

Walmart TV Return Policy
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TV is one of the massive purchased items at Walmart. We depend on TV sets for news as well as entertainment. TV is one of the appliances which Walmart is offering like home appliances and kitchen appliances. It is certain that the TV is one of the great assets in the living room. If you ever want to buy a new TV, just visit the Walmart store.

Walmart TV Return Policy Explained

Buying a new brand of TV is amazing. But in case you receive a defective TV, it can be troublesome. You may also buy the wrong-sized TV. Sometimes it might be damaged or defective. It may occur that the TV set does not match the description. A buyer is free to return the TV to Walmart. Walmart has offered a return policy for these TVs. According to Walmart’s return policy, you can return the TV within the specified time of purchase. In case you want to return a TV, it must be in good packaging and accessories. You can return the TV by showing the receipt as well.

In how many days can you return the TV to Walmart?

You can return the TV with whom you are unhappy. you can return it within 30 days of purchase. Walmart has a return policy of an average of 90 days but it is restricted in the case of Electronics and other appliances. If you want to return a TV you must visit the store within 30 days.

In which conditions should you return the TV?

TV must be returned if you think it is not operating well or it is damaged.

You can also return the reason if it is the wrong size. You have to return its original packaging and receipt. You have to bring all accessories with the TV.

Does Walmart accept TVs without receipts?

You need to bring its receipt with you along with the TV when you return it. But you can return it without a receipt. It depends on the management. They will decide what to do in this situation. You must bring a Bank challan and your official id with which you purchased that TV set.

After processing you are refunded the original price or you are allowed to purchase another TV set.

What is Walmart’s policy for unboxed TV?

In case you have torn its packaging, you can still claim a refund within 30 days of purchase. For this, you have to bring a receipt. You must have to bring the TV in its original condition without any damage.

What to do if you do not return the TV within 30 days?

If the overall condition is good, they will bring it back. 

For not returning the TV set within the specified limit, just visit the store. Try to persuade the management. Even if they do not accept the TV, you can visit another Walmart store. You can directly complain about the store to the Walmart headquarter. 

What about refurbished TVs?

People mostly ask the question of whether they are eligible to return refurbished TV or not. You can return the TV to any Walmart store. The main thing is to bring the original receipt with you. Buying a TV from a third party does not fall into this category. You have to talk with the concerned suppliers to return the TV.

How to return a TV to Walmart?

If you bought the TV set from the Walmart store, just go ahead and return it with the receipt. You can also return the TV through the mail. You are provided with a facility to return it through its website.

You have to visit

You can check your order history.

There will be an option of starting a return

You can initiate the process by clicking start 

You will be asked the reason and the return payment method

After reviewing that application, submit it.

How to trace the lost receipt?

For lost receipts, you can trace them through the Walmart receipt book up. After entering the zip code, store information, and credit card information and entering the amount which you paid for the TV, you can look up the receipt.

There will be an option to download. Download it.

Can you return a TV to a different store?

You are allowed to return a TV to different Walmart stores. You have to bring the original packaging and receipt with you to return a TV at a different Walmart store.

Can Walmart deny a return?

In certain cases, Walmart management may refuse to return the TV purchased. In case it is damaged or has dents on it. then management may feel hesitant to bring it back. Not returning within 30 days is also a cause when Walmart management refuses to bring the TV back.


Walmart is offering multiple appliances including a TV. If you are not satisfied with the TV, you can bring it to the Walmart store. Try to avoid damaging the TV. You have to bring it within 30 days of purchase.

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