What Does Amazon Do with Return? 2023 (All you need to know)


What Does Amazon Do with Return?

Being a giant online retailer, Amazon has always been accepting returns from millions of customers. They are relaxed if unsatisfied with the purchase at the company’s store. These items are packed and sent back to Amazon. Customers finish up there, but the process is about to start for Amazon. To know about Amazon, so with those returned to it? From which method returned items have to pass through? Does returning items to Amazon cost it high? Let’s start reading answers.

What does Amazon do with the return?

Amazon gracefully accepts many of the returned items from customers. These must be in good condition to be returned to Amazon. It has multiple options to deal with the things in case it has to accept the return. These returns are a considerable disadvantage to the company, yet it has to do so. There are many options that Amazon employs to deal with returns in case of unacceptable condition of the item; it does not accept the return. Sometimes after deep inspection and confirmation of the quality of that item, it is resold. It may be sent back to sellers for further processing or to the charity as a donation. These may be burnt or recycled. All in all, causing a disadvantage to the company. Yet it assures that any defective product may not be sold to customers. 

Amazon Return Policy;

Amazon has different return windows for additional items. For most things, Amazon has employed a thirty-day return policy. Some items can’t be returned anyway. Some have to be sent back within 180 days. Some may be eligible to get a refund after 360 days. Yet Amazon requires that these be returned in good condition to resell them. Bringing a receipt is necessary. Pack the unopened items and send them back to Amazon.

Items that are eligible to be returned at Amazon;

Before sending it back to Amazon, you must know that only some items can be sent back to Amazon. You must know your purchase’s return policy at the time of sale. These are some of those items which can be sent back to Amazon. Return the Amazon device within thirty days of purchase. Fresh items can’t be returned but could be refunded. Printable items and photos, and medicines are not returnable. Renewed Amazon Premium products can be returned within 90 days. Baby items carry a 90-day return policy, while baby gifts Carey have a 360-daily return policy. 

Return to the customers in case of inappropriate condition;

Amazon does not accept some items if the customers damage them. Although receipt is necessary, the process can be initiated. Some opened and used items are unable to return.

Sell it as a new item;

Fulfillment of the inventory is done by Amazon grade and resell program.

Following the FBA Grade and Resell program, Amazon resells returned items to new customers. These are passed through many inspections. After clear-cut confirmation, these are returned to the shelves or digitalized for sale. These items are sold out on an excellent site to help customers make decisions for purchase. These sites include warehouse deals, Amazon renewed and Amazon outlets, etc., by giving them grades as new, acceptable, exemplary, or very good. 

Send back to sellers;

This option is a widespread practice in e-commerce platforms. In the past, Burberry was seriously criticized for disposing and burning millions of unsold items to protect its brand. This option allows Amazon to send the items back to the seller. Sellers process these items and send them to another Amazon store to be available for other customers.

Give it to Charity;

FBA donation program has enabled Amazon in 2019 to give eligible overstock and returns to Charity. It is operated through a nonprofit organization Good360. Amazon claims that more than 67 million overstocks and returns have been given to Charity so far. 

Disposal of the returned item;

Disposal is the common fate of items returned to online sellers. But Amazon has been struggling not to landfill these items, yet it tries to renew them or use them as an energy source to reduce the number of landfills.

Energy Recovery and Recycling 

For certain items like electronics, it is encouraged to send them to certified recyclers or to be recovered as Amazon gift cards. Energy Recovery is often meant with burning. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, this process is intended to convert inventory into helpful heat, electricity, or fuel. This is one of the methods employed for returned items. 

Liquidity Services

After that, ITV broadcasting channel reported that it had been burning many returned electronics; after that, Amazon started the liquidation process instead of disposal. It encourages sellers to process liquidation instead of removal. Most retailers, including Amazon, partner with marketplace liquidation service providers like Liquidity Services, B stock solution, and Auction Off Unwanted Inventory. 5% of the selling price is received after liquidation 

What disadvantage to Amazon at the return of items?

In 2021, a record $761 billion in return was made to Amazon. Those items sold digitally have a higher chance of being returned to the company. Among them, 10.3% of the returns are fraudulent. Thus giant retailers have to suffer the harm of these returns.


Amazon has a return window. After they arrive at the store, they are processed to go back to sellers, charity, or to be disposed of. It has been recycling much of the inventory returned to the store. 


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