What happens if I receive someone else’s package from Amazon? (2023)


What happens if I receive someone else’s package from Amazon?

Amazon sends millions of packages to its customers who have ordered them. Sometimes this happens when you receive someone else’s package. You may think about what to do in this case. What to do with the box? It might be a gift or scam. What are the steps to deal with mistakenly delivered packages? All you need to know about receiving someone else’s box is here.

What to do if I receive someone else’s package from Amazon?

Amazon encourages people to report to customer service representatives the misplaced package if it was not a gift from their loved one. If it wasn’t from your loved one, the only thing to do is report it to customer service, as it might be a scam. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Amazon does not require to return the package. You are eligible to keep the box. 

These are some guidelines on how to deal if you receive a mistaken package;

  • Check your history to confirm that it was not ordered from your side. Your family members can do so.
  • Check the address; it might be one of the neighbors living beside you. You can bring it to them.
  • It might be exchanged with your placed order; let Amazon know to correct the misplaced delivery.
  • Ask your family and friends and be happy if it was a gift from your loved one.
  • Contact customer service if it was misdelivered or it belongs to someone else.
  • You can write up to Amazon or bring the package to the customer service desk.
  • You are eligible to keep the box for yourself. You are not obligated to return it.

Why did I receive someone else’s package?

Human errors may result in misdelivered packages. 

  • Delivery Drivers have to deliver many orders in the same locality. Sometimes they need clarification and provide the wrong order. 
  • This may be due to the packing team’s wrong labeling of the package at the fulfillment stores.
  • Sometimes customers mistype the address or accept the suggested address that needs to be corrected, which results in wrong delivery.
  • It might be a scam, an attempt to brush from third-party sellers at amazon.com. As it is illegal, Amazon restricts these activities and penalizes those vendors.

How can I correct orders at Amazon?

Amazon does whatever is needed to correct orders. If you have recently ordered something from Amazon but received someone else’s package, you must contact customer service immediately to correct the wrong order. You can also check your activity at Amazon to ensure you didn’t order something accidentally. Your family members or children might have collected something without your knowledge. 

This may also be due to incorrectly labeling your and someone else’s package. So to get the correct box, contact them immediately.

Is it necessary to tell Amazon that you got the wrong order? 

Let them know so that they may improve the shopping experience for you and other customers. You can contact them via chat or call. You can also go to the address label on the package to give it to the beneficiary. But you are not forced to return the package.

According to the Federal Trade Commission of the United States, you can keep that package if it is someone else’s.

How to deal with mistakenly delivered orders to avoid a scam? 

Sometimes it might be an attempt from marketplace vendors on Amazon. Although these are rare cases at Amazon yet many patients are being reported. Marketplace vendors send these items to someone’s genuine address so that they may leave a positive review. You may receive a package of this kind. It means that your personal information is being compromised. This may increase their rating illegally at Amazon, known as brushing. You can let Amazon know so that these challenges may be coped with. 


Amazon has been delivering millions of packages to its customers. Sometimes personal or technical reasons might be given to you even if you have yet to order it. Some third-party sellers also do it to increase their ratings on Amazon. You can keep it at your home or contact Amazon for a return.


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