What is Dollar General’s bereavement policy in 2023?


We all have to deal with losing a loved one at some point in our lives. It can harm your health if you don’t give yourself enough time and space to grieve. As a result, it stands to reason that if it is related to your health, you should be entitled to at least a few days off.¬†Dollar General employs approximately 140,000 people across its many locations in the United States of America. Employees at Dollar General receive health and life insurance benefits, but you may wonder if they also have a dedicated Bereavement policy. Continue reading to learn about Dollar General’s bereavement policy.

What is Dollar General’s bereavement policy in 2023?

As of 2022, Dollar General does not publicly mention any known bereavement policy for their employees. However, most employers in the United States will provide three days of bereavement leave for employees to grieve a loss. Even then, you’d have to prove that you’d lost someone important to you. Furthermore, some employers only provide leave to certain types of families.

Is Bereavement Leave Available At Dollar General?

There is no legal requirement for employers to provide bereavement leave. In comparison, no employer must provide paid bereavement leave in the United States. The United States Family Medical Leave Act allows employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to deal with family matters. 

Many employers will demand substantial proof of grief and evidence that the bereaved are related. Some employers may consider bereavement leave only for certain types of relatives, such as immediate family.

Is bereavement leave at Dollar General paid or unpaid?

Different employers’ bereavement policies will likely have a variety of additional requirements. Some employers may choose to pay an employee during bereavement leave, while others may not.It is generally best to check with your employer at Dollar General directly, even in person, to see what they are willing to offer you.

What is considered an Immediate Family to qualify for bereavement leave at Dollar General?

Most employers will provide paid bereavement leave for up to five days for immediate family members. Many employers only offer one day of paid bereavement leave for others, such as friends.The examples of the immediate family are given below:

  • A spouse
  • A child
  • A parent 
  • A step-parent
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Nephews
  • Nieces
  • Any in-law

The one-day leave is intended for anyone other than immediate family members to attend the funeral. Employers may request proof of relationship.

What is acceptable proof of bereavement leave for family or others?

Obituaries, funeral programs, and prayer cards would all be regarded as irrefutable proof of bereavement. Some employers may also request the deceased’s name, the date of their death, and possibly even the location of their death. Most employers would regard such evidence as reliable if properly verified.Again, because Dollar General does not have a public bereavement policy, it is best to speak with your store manager. You can also review Dollar General’s termination, employee discount, and dress code policies.Dollar General does not state a definitive bereavement for any store’s employees. However, most employers will allow their employees to take some time off. It is up to the employer whether or not to pay for this time off. If you want to learn more about your local Dollar General’s bereavement policies, you should contact them.¬†

Does Dollar General provide the benefits the same for everyone?

No! The employer and the company determine it. It may also be determined by your position or level of authority within the organization. It stands to reason that not all levels of employees are entitled to the same benefits.

What advantages does Dollar General provide?

The most obvious advantage is time off work to deal with losing immediate family members. This varies depending on the employer, HR policies, and the employee’s working conditions.

Employees are also given paid time off to handle personal matters. Employees can also choose to extend their vacation time. It is up to the employer whether the position is paid or unpaid.


Dollar General does not have a specific set of policies for bereavement. Based on what most companies provide, you can understand what it entails. Employees are entitled to time away from work to grieve the loss of a loved one, even if there is no formal policy. So, suppose you are dealing with traumas related to losing your loved ones and want to give yourself some time to heal. In that case, you should contact Dollar General’s authorities directly to understand their bereavement policies. 


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