What to Do If Amazon Delivered the Wrong Address? (2023)


If you impatiently ordered something for a special occasion but didn’t get your courier yet! You might have received a push notification that your order has been delivered, but you find it nowhere. This might be why your courier delivered to the wrong address. Due to several reasons, your orders are delivered to the wrong addresses. Amazon has been trying to cope with these situations. Here we will guide you on what to do if Amazon has delivered your order to the wrong address. 

What to do when Amazon delivers to the wrong address?

When you know that your product is shipped to the address you provided but didn’t receive it, you may contact the Amazon customer service representative immediately. 

You have to provide them with enough details so that they may help you. Amazon is concerned about your problems with the placed order and will provide a timely and appropriate solution. 

Why was my package sent to the wrong address?

You may be reckoning if you haven’t received the package yet. Sometimes, due to inappropriate information provided by the buyer, Amazon delivers to the wrong address. Here are listed some reasons which facilitate wrong deliveries. Buyers should know them so that they get things quickly resolved.

  • Not mentioning the exact address;

Customers must provide an exact address when they order an item. Sometimes there might be an error in spelling or spaces between the words or letters, due to which Amazon did not comprehend it, and it was delivered to the wrong typed address.

  • Keenly look at the address suggested by Amazon;

Whenever you fill in the address after placing an order, Amazon suggests some addresses. When it comes to suggestions, keenly look at the suggested address and then approve it 

  • Don’t miss street directions when filling in your address;

You may be missing the street direction. There might be two main streets in your locality, south, and west. In case you did mention the main Street but forgot to mention directions, it may cause the wrong delivery of the order.

  • The deliverer may get confused;

While dealing with millions of deliveries daily in different nations, Amazon may displace your delivery to someone else. Sometimes the person bringing your courier may get confused with your locality and deliver the parcel to the wrong address.

What to do if Amazon delivered your order to the wrong address?

Here are some ways to deal with a misdelivered Amazon package.

  • Wait a little bit more;

Sometimes your package is marked as delivered, but it has not yet. According to Amazon, your packages will be marked as sent and delivered two days before the actual date of delivery. In this case, wait 24 or 48 hours to get the package.

After 24 or 48 hours, if you are still unable to receive the package, this is the right time to contact Amazon. You can seek an Amazon customer service representative.

  • Talk to an Amazon customer representative;

Head to the official website to get the contact information to talk to the customer’s representative. Call them to get your issue resolved.

Follow these steps to communicate customer service representative

  • Login to your account.
  • Land to customer service representative page.
  • Choose an option A delivery, order, or return
  • Select the order which is missing. It might be a recent one.
  • The option will be mentioned on the right side as Says delivered, but it’s not here.
  • Submit the request.

Follow some techniques to get your package;

Before communicating with a customer representative, follow some techniques which have helped many people whose Amazon package was delivered to the wrong address.

  • Look in the premises of the apartment;

Look keenly at the premises of your home or apartment where you live. You can look for the package near the wall, in the garden behind your house, or even in the mailbox. The deliverer may have placed the package safely in your absence.

  • Ask neighbor; 

Sometimes the deliverer hands over the package to your neighbors for safekeeping. Ask them if they have your package or not. There are certain chances that your package will be found in their house.

  • Post to neighborhood app;

Posting to neighborhood apps can help you regarding finding a lost package. You have to post about the misplaced package. This might help you locate your misdelivered package, as it has helped many others.

  • Ask Courier service;

You may ask the courier service if they have mislaid your order. He may get confused while distributing couriers to a different address in the same locality. You can get some help from the courier service.

  • Always keep track of your order;

 Tracking service helps to locate where your order is at the spot. You may also locate its journey. Sometimes it may tell you the address where it landed.

  • Consult Amazon customer service;

At last, if you didn’t find the shipment or think it did not come from Amazon, you must consult Amazon customer service via call or chat.


Amazon misdelivered the order due to several reasons. Sometimes it may be due to customers inputting the wrong information or Amazon distribution services. You can use different ways to locate your package and ask Amazon customer service representatives.


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